When new patch?

Why in 2 months there is no new patches? Previously, patches out constantly. What happened?

This one is the biggest one to do. Use the DevTracker

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Many things happened. Mostly, lots of work :wink: A patch is coming ‘soon’ - found a nasty bug we’re trying to kill now… lots of small fixes and big Mod features on the way!


Best things come to those who wait.

@BitVenom: How many of you are there at Gearbox currently working on Homeworld RM support, just out of curiosity?

It’s funny for me to imagine that there’s only like two of you over there, brainstorming ideas and throwing scrapped ones across the room into one of those mock-basketball hoops above your paper bin.

Then after a long day of trying to get Hw1-type formations into the game, the pair of you let out the day’s frustration in an intense game of squash (in the Gearbox squash courts), with “push it to the limit” playing in the background, during which one of you has a mild emotional breakdown, and the other comforts him by saying “don’t surrender to despair comrade! The Homeworld community will support all our efforts to the bitter end, no matter how hard it is for us to get ships to stay in formation in combat!” He then gets pulled to his feet, triumphant in the knowledge that the Homeworld community will never lose faith, and neither will he!

This is what it’s like, isn’t it BitVenom?

P.S: Get the bloody patch out! Do you not know that the end of my summer holidays is nigh!!!

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Considering what gbx has done with Clappy shorts in the past this sounds like something I could see happening.

Also reminds me of this, where the devs of EVE Online tried to demonstrate their “competitive” nature: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eYMNeocc5Xw

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Haha wow…this is a definite candidate for a post on /r/deepintoyoutube

You should post it and see how it does, I don’t want to rob you of the opportunity.

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Hard to say how many. Maybe 3, with some support from people working on other projects? I hope they don’t have to share a room with the mop buckets. :grin:

There are more than 3 of us, fyi. Hell, there are more than 3 of us that post here… that isn’t even hard.

I added… ~20 new LUA interface calls to stuff today… All sorts of things are now easier or just possible for the first time. Details when the patch is public :wink:



Can GBX please make Hw3 instead of doing a patch for Hwr. Seems like both are equal in challenge. ( I don’t even know if im trying to be sarcastic or not ! ~)

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Eh… we kinda want to get rid of that ‘beta’ tag… yeah? I mean, if we were to go off and make ‘HW3’ (what the hell is that anyway?) - and leave this game in beta… ya’ll would just be perfectly happy and not complain at all, right?


I think they’re doing a great job improving on what we already know and love.

yes, I much prefer HW1 game play, but the HW2 engine is much better to work with from a source code perspective.

besides, a “HW3” would probably mean the loss of a lot of the work done on mods for HW2/HWR. I’d much rather work w the improvements they’re doing to the engine and then mod in whatever changes I want from there…

That and BBI is working on Shipbreakers anyway :stuck_out_tongue:

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Ahhh this are good news :smiley:

Looking forward to it! :smiley:

…HW3 instead of patch…?
… HW3 is the same challenge as making a patch…?
… That’s some seriously fuzzy logic.


Dammit you beat me to it

Theory: The new update is being held back for over a month because they secretly work on a cataclysm dlc just like the lost mission raiders retreat.

To be honest, I’d rather have them straighten out the remaining bugs and features instead of releasing cataclysm right now :wink: but since I never played it, it would be really cool to get to play it in decent graphics :smiley: