When reaching level 50

I finally reached Level 50 (TVHM)
But something’s not right.
The XP of my quests became 2k
It was 10k and above before I became level 50
Does it mean I reached the starting level of UVHM?

That’s pretty much what happened in BL2 - the rewards go down to stop you being too over-levelled but stuck with only level 50 gear when you decide to start UVHM.

As soon as you hit lvl 50 the progress slows down significantly. To start UVHM you need to

  1. Finish the story mission in TVHM.
  2. Select UVHM after selecting character in the… “character selection menu” :confused:

Once in UVHM the progress will continue like before. You can still level up a bit in TVHM, but it takes a really long time, and you’ll soon hit the point where you get almost no XP at all, and you’re way overleveled compared to the enemies.

Though this is a good way to farm Torque Tokens (NVHM or TVHM) as you do not need to worry much about Leveling up. Farm the tokens in those levels then slip into UVHM, travel to that DLC ASAP and farm the machines for some at Level Guns

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