When revealed I now come out of stealth!?

Is this a new change they have made because I havent seen any new hotfix log for it. When revealed by ambra I am unstealthed no matter what im doing. Is it a bug or what?

Happens to me too. Didn’t think much of it though, just stayed away from reveal spots more.

Is it the solar wind reveal or the sunspot targeting that’s pulling you out?

Was there a marquis?

No just all skirmishers but annoying none the less

Orendi, was it Orendi? I bet it was Orendi. DAMN YOU ORENDI!

Or it could have been Ambra’s level 1 R.

She doesn’t get reveal on Sunspots until level 6.

That’s harder to do when an enemy Orendi has her reveal helix. It can uncloak you from halfway across a map AND you stay uncloaked for 3 seconds

Ah, haven’t dealt with that yet, afaik. I’ve only had to deal with sunspots, and owls haven’t bothered me yet.