When should I do the dlc?

So right now I’m in the middle of torgues dlc on normal mode. Should I stop and wait to do the dlc in tvhm or should I do them at the end of each pt like I’m doing now? I really wanna start tvhm but not sure if I should do dlc in normal mode then do them again in tvhm ect…

Do you have either level cap upgrade?

I just wait till Ultimate Vault Hunter Mode to do anything extra, because only then does the game always stay levelled to me and everything becomes worthwhile, I just try to get through Normal and True pretty fast.

If you don’t have a level cap upgrade, just get to the end of True Vault Hunter Mode. That way the entire game SHOULD scale up to level 50 with you. Then do all the DLC maybe. That’s what I’d do.

I have the handsome collection so yeah I got everything I’m just about level 35 too. most enemies right now are like 2 or 3 below me so far. Pyro Pete was 3 levels I think below me and I smoked him out of the water.

Yeah, I’d just say move on to TVHM. You’ll become bored of these measly enemies soon enough. =P

Should I do the side quests in tvhm or should I wait til uvhm? I’ve heard to wait but not sure why

Do any side quests you want in TVHM. I had the same question back when I started and what I found out is that before the UVHM level increases came out, you only had one chance to grab any side quest rewards so the best plan was to leave them until you hit 50 and everything scaled.

Since you have the HC just do them as you want. Once in UVHM you can reset the playthrough at any time.

I did about half the side-quests on TVHM and UVHM. I saved anything with a unique reward (blue or or higher), but did the ones offering XP/cash/eridium/green items as often as I felt I needed to level up a bit before the next story mission.

What did you save the quests that gave you unique weapons for uvhm? I’ve been soloing tvhm but it’s hard man barely could beat boom and that captain…

The ones that give you Flame of the Firehawk, Teapot, Trespasser, etc. I did all the side quests immediately in and around Liar’s Berg, except Midgemong. After getting to Sanctuary, I do all the local quests, pick up the bullymong naming one, and run through Three Horns. I also do the Happy Pig before heading out to Frostburn.

But if you are struggling and want a quest reward weapon just get it. It won’t last you that long in UVHM even if you wait and get it at 50.

If you had some favorites going through normal mode get them and let them help you through TVHM

I did have favorites but honestly most of them ended up being useless in the begining of tvhm. Got rid of most of my e techs and unique and legendarys got alot more back but I don’t see myself getting through some of these bosses solo on it. I’m a 38 assassin on a damn fine rescue and it’s been tough since this point. Most of it managable some of it no way

Yeah that’s the way it goes. Even if you find an awesome legendary gun it has a shelf life and eventually it becomes ineffective.

I always find once you hit higher levels with a character you unlock more ways to kick ass with more skill points. Never tried Zero though so I don’t have any advice.

Some of the Bosses like the assassin oney ect… I almost find an exploit to beat them meaning I take my sweet ass time by running back and fourth to get shots on him bc if if I just run up at them I can’t get more than a few almost useless shots w out my shield being fully depleted so I take my time when playing solo. All I know is I don’t know if I’ll make it to ultimate vault hunter mode by myself and if I do there’s no way I’ll be able to solo any of it ha. I’m still kinda new to the series I started 2 on the 360 and stopped a few months back. I randomly got back into it and love it ha

If you haven’t done so already, check out the DDD Guide in the Zer0 category. There’s a skill breakdown with evaluations for gun, melee, and hybrid builds, as well as suggested point distributions for each build at key levels (30, 50, etc.)

Thanks I will check that out.

I can only offer how I did it but assuming you have all 4 of the main dlc and all 5 Headhunter packs I went:
Normal- all major dlc except Sir Hammerlock and the 3 Headhunter packs I have (I don’t have TK Baha’s or Wam Bam Island)

TVHM- Mr Torgue and the Marcus Saves Mercenary Day HH pack

UVHM- everything

I saved unique mission rewards in UVHM with 3 of my characters so I could get them at OP8 while I did them at level 72 with the other 3 to have something decent for everyone to start with at Digistruct Peak and when attempting clearing raid bosses. It saves a lot on farming for each character when the first 3 can do it for me and then just pass along their out leveled gear…

Plot wise play Tiny Tina’s dlc last as that spoils one of the games major plot points ._.

Yeah I decided to do captain Scarlett and some of torgues then I decided to start tvhm

I read this about a year ago but after I already all the dlcs. It still helped but with a few tweaking with the pace of my game to somehow get it to the ballpark. Hope this helps.

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