When should I transition from TVHM to UVHM as a solo maya?

Hey guys, this is my first post and I’ve only recently bothered playing past normal mode. I’ve made my way to TVHM and I’m wondering, what level should I be when I move onto UVHM? Thanks :slight_smile:


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UVHM’s minimum level will be 50, so ideally you want to be (or your gear to be) at that level. UVHM scales with you, unlike the other modes. So if you begin UVHM at level 53, your enemies will be level 53 as well.

TVHM’s highest level gear (barring a few DLC items) is 50. So you generally don’t want to get too much over-levelled as your level 50 gear might suffer in UVHM.

Luckily with Maya, there’s not a lot of gear you need to be concerned about getting for the transition ; but the transition can be jarring initially. It’s quite a bit tougher - slag is necessary ; but since by level 50, you’ll typically have Ruin and Converge and build something like this, you’ll mostly have slag covered.

This is a great read :


Thanks, I really appreciate it, I’m at level 45 now so I’m getting close :smiley:


You may also want to dip into this thread, started by someone on a similar journey to you:

It’s gotten a bit long, but there’s a bunch of stuff in the first dozen posts or so you might find helpful.


45 eh? I reckon 48 is OK to go to UVHM with, especially with Maya, who I call the easy-mode character.

If you go at 48 also you will quickly level to 50 in UVHM as exp rises drastically at 50 to 51

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For someone who’s done the jump before this might be fine, however for someone such as the OP who has never tackled uvhm before I think this is a really bad idea.

UVHM is the first real difficulty spike in the game, it drops players in at the deep end. I don’t see a point of just exaggerating this by jumping in at lvl 48. Early uvhm doesn’t offer any significant reward that makes it worth sacrificing 2 skill points and possibly a piece of top class gear or two.


you’re probably right, also tbh doing alot of the DLC at TVHM is awesome, it’s way more fun doing than at UVHM (you don’t have to rely on slag etc.), and would quickly level to 50 in this way

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Unless you are running with an unusual build, Maya becomes “complete” by L52 or 53 depending on if you play solo or co op. As long as you have Ruin, though, you are fine to start to UVHM whenever you like, just no point in waiting past L50 as others said. If you are L45 but your gear is L40ish, you’ll probably want on level gear. If you want continual access to solid to excellent on level gear, you can make your first UVHM stop Mercenary Day after you clear Liarsberg and can access that fast travel station. You just need something strong enough to kill Snowflake, if you haven’t done this DLC in TVHM, wait till you want to start UVHM, do that first, then use that gear to kill UVHM Snowflake, an underleveled Bee is still good enough if you have one. You don’t have to do any of this, just this will give you continual access to good on level gear when you need it throughout UVHM as long as you can kill Snowflake.

Edit: as I was typing this, Prismatic made the excellent point that sticking in TVHM till 50 might allow you to get some top tier L50 gear, what I was suggesting provides good to excellent gear reliably but it can be a lot of runs before you get top tier stuff and it’s much easier to get those from their proper sources. The two-three extra skill points don’t matter with Maya at this point, but having something like an L50 Bee, Harold, Sandhawk, CC, Pimp etc. would… You don’t need any of what I just said, just threw out some S tier gear examples off the top of my head

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I ended up completing the story at lvl 50 and I am now left with the opportunity to go to UVHM, but I have under level gear (40-48ish) so would it be wise to farm some new gear in TVHM or would that over-level me for my move to UVHM. Thanks :):smiley: (btw I don’t currently have the HH dlc’s)

P.s. This community is surprisingly active and very helpful :grin:


Certainly don’t want to tell someone how to spend their $$, but if you were going to buy a HH, Mercenary Day would be your first choice because of the Loot Train you get every time you beat the boss. You can repeat that as many times as you want. You reliably get excellent blue and purple gear in every category and occasional Legendaries from the World Drop pool. I got a pearl once (out of like hundreds of runs over the years, that’s not common.) The fact it drops gear in every category on every run gives you great chances to get something good, though again, don’t count on it for Legendaries, that’s just a sweet bonus when it does.

From wherever, I would get as close to L50 gear as you can. The Dust is finicky but should be at L50 now and you can get strong guns from it, let me know if you need more info. You might get a good shield while getting those strong guns. Let me know if you don’t know how to get an on level Bee quickly, though you need the Tiny Tina DLC.

On to your build, here’s what I mean by a “complete” Maya build. The points in Helios, Immolate, Mind’s Eye, Ward, Suspension, are not essential, you can put those elsewhere, they are my preferences to get to the key skills below them. You don’t need res if you play solo. Accelerate is an odd skill, works great with some guns but not others. Overall, I pass but others love it. Are you running the UCP, I play on console so only really know the normal version?



Depending on how confident you are in your play I’d recommend either grabbing a fire lady fist and heading to UVHM where you can then grab a Hornet for any loaders. This is a fairly low effort root for good gear.

The alternative is to do Scarlett’s DLC till the end of Whoops where you can then collect a pimpernel and a Sandhawk. This is more effort but will net you stronger guns.

Or you could even do all of the above if you’re a glutton for the punishment of dashboard farming. :stuck_out_tongue:

I wouldn’t worry too much about XP, when you reach 50 TVHM experience is greatly diminished so if you only go and hunt a few pieces of good gear you’ll be fine.


By the the sounds of it the loot train does seem like a worthy investment so I may look into it.

The farming of lyuda should be easy assuming the dust has scaled. I assume the bee farm you mention is the elder treants (if not please enlighten me). If there are any other farms suggested please do tell me. I’m just worried of overleveling. Thanks :slight_smile:


Now that you’re lvl 50 everything should have scaled so farming Lyudas is another great option.

The bee can be farmed either in the arid nexus from Hunter Helquist or in the forest.

My rule of thumb is I chase a max of 3 items at lvl 50 before transitioning. This gives me a variety of good gear and leaves me at a max of Lvl 51.


I believe I am a capable player so I may look into the lady fist and hornet method but Ive just recently finished the “whoops” mission and netted myself a sandhawk that is level 50 so maybe that is the smarter option but I’m unaware of how to get a Pimpernel. Thanks for all the help :grin:

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If you’ve already done whoops then I’d recommend collecting the pimpernel.

Go to Washburne Refinery amd do the side quest for Censor Bot, he’ll then give you another quest “Don’t Copy That Floppy” which rewards you with a Pimpernel at the end.


If you think 3 is enough i might just try to get a level 50 bee and lyuda along with my sandhawk. On that note would you suggest any particular element for the lyuda?

I assume a slag weapon may not be my greatest concern as I have ruin or would it still be wise to pick up a slagger of some sort?

I suppose I’ll collect the Pimpernel to maybe that could be my slagger? Sorry for the staggered responses, the forums message system seems flawed on phones :stuck_out_tongue:


It definitely requires practice.

I think having a slag weapon is great, a Slag pimp is your best option. But I would Say with Maya spag weapons are not essential, with Ruin and later Scorn, slag is taken care of.

Element wise as long as between a pimp, sandhawk and lyuda you have atleast one for fire, corrosive and non elemental/shock you’re fine. All are great weapons so no point being picky. Probably grab the Lyuda first as it’s easier to get the correct element pimp than it is to get the correct element Lyuda.


The two best slag guns are the Slagga and the Slag Pimp, so I would grab a slag pimp or a corrosive Pimp, but as you can get a hornet easily, I’d go for slag, don’t worry about parts as you’ll out level it soon. I still use a slag pimp with Maya, can never have too much slag especially as you won’t have Scorn till much later as Converge is a better skill so you don’t want to double capstone at L58 like with other characters.