When starting with a build, what to start with

just picked this up on xbox one, me and my brother are going to do this coop and im going to use handsome jack.
i see many people using the celestial build and have watched many videos on the builds etc.
but most the builds are for like level 50-70 etc
so for me starting out, how do i know where to put skills after say level 10 and so on?

sorry for such a noob question, but i have tried using the skill calculator etc but makes no sense to me. i select celestrial doppleganger, but it either fills the tree or is blank.

If you are just starting don’t look at endgame builds, they are for endgame.

I would start in the center tree with him since Leadership is really what makes everything work. His center tree has both survival and DPS.

After that spec around what you find, don’t plan on a build around a celestial com until you find one, then you can respec. Spec into what you find and build around that.

Try different skills and you can always respec. See what you like and how you like to play him.

If I could make a counter recommendation of starting with the Hero (Left) Tree and then switching once you have enough points to get the bottom skill in the middle tree. The early points in leadership are mostly kill skills that don’t get very much use until you get leadership, whereas your hero tree has a lot of really great skills that stand on their own, like Best Foot Forward, Jacks Cache, and Lean on Me.

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Either the center tree or the left tree are good places to start. If you find you aren’t finding weapons you jive with during your play through, or your brother is playing a class that deals out them damages (like Nisha, or Athena), then you may want to stick with the left tree to provide a bit more support.

If you’re going to be the one on the front lines doing damage, or the game is giving you gear you really like, stick with the middle tree. Either one is pretty good for normal mode.

On my Jack when I started him, I maxed out Integrity 1st then went for Money Is Power (right tree, tier 3). Then I went back to the center tree and worked down that.

I went down the left tree to start. Seemed like plenty of survivability and buffs to DigiJacks. And I have not regretted that decision. I rarely go into FFYL. Plus Cache means frequent free grenades.

Really, just pick what ever sounds best to you. If you find you don’t like the tree you start down, just head back to Concordia and respec.

I’ve done Normal as Jack three times. I went left tree for the first, middle on the second and third times. Simply put, Normal isn’t an especially dangerous difficulty level. With the low health values of enemies in that mode, skills like Synergy are devastating. The low health values also make it very easy to keep kill skills rolling.