When the eventual Deande buff comes about, go easy GBX

I love Deande, my second mastery and my favorite character. As such, of course I would love to see her buffed, but having just gone 14-0, 11-1, and 12-1 I can say that played correctly she is already a beast (all of these matches were played with a friend as Caldarious, these two as a team are apparently un-f*cking-stoppable).

If there is a buff, I think her overall speed should be buffed, she IS supposed to be an assassin after all. I wouldn’t mind not being as slow as Alani lol

Secondly, her damage could use a boost but I would begin to fear some of the Deande’s I have seen. There is one Deande I have seen running (can’t remember the name of the item) a Legendary boosting Atk Dmg by 9.80, Atk Speed by 9.80 and Atk Dmg by .98 every time she hit someone with melee for up to 10 stacks. She was also running her legendary, and an epic that boosted Atk Dmg and Speed by some smaller amount.

After an attack boost, damage output like this would be terrifying! Anytime someone got knocked up by her level 3 mutation might as well be in Raths Ult!

In conclusion: I am not saying don’t buff Deande, I would love a mobility buff and would be happy but iffy about an attack buff, but I don’t want my poor Deande to get God Gali style hate after a buff :frowning:

Tell me what you think!

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Deande has become my favorite too. Just got my mastery yesterday. I don’t think she needs any buffs, but I think the delay after Blink Strike needs to go. Other than that, she is perfect. Takes quite a bit of skill and most of all patience. I don’t run legendaries with her, i have two greens for skill dmg/attack speed, and attack dmg/speed and a white 0 cost shard generator. And most times I lead in kills AND assists. As far as movement speed, I don’t think she needs it. I set up a kill by cloaking/ burst dash/ and standard melee till death. I use the helix where attacks slow after decloaking. I only do this if I KNOW the other team won’t pounce on me though, usually picking off the back line (Marquis/thorn/Toby/Kleese ect).

I love Deande, just need 2 more games with an Ambra to get my mastery! Only things I would like to see are a boost to speed because she is too damn slow. Reyna out ran me the other day… by a lot! The other thing I would like buffed or removed is the delay after the ULT. I get killed after my ULT than my actual ULT kills!

I don’t notice a speed lag as others have mentioned. I find her to be fast in both sprint and movement speed when compared to others.

I love her as is and don’t see a buff doing her well for one) there are people whom complain she is too strong already lol.

I would like her ultimate to be smoother. I don’t mind the initial animation time and this makes you use it strategically but I’ve gotten hurt and killed while inside someone and attacking them. Which doesn’t make sense if I have no physical body when using it lol. This has happened both PvE and PvP. Maybe it’s meant to do that but I want to know how and why :stuck_out_tongue:

Her ultimate is horrid, I do wish she would do more damage but only for her throwing fans. Furthermore I would really want them to remove that curve they do went they go too far. I also feel like she should have a stun, I would gladly sacrifice her silly knock up for one.

Regarding her burst dash, do you guys go with the AoE or the other?

I go with regular burst dash, my playstyle I focus a single target, but it can still hit multiple targets if they are bunched close enough. Her ULT is amazing when used correctly. If some is at full health I will engage with burst dash, soften them up with some melee, then use cloak to get behind them and hit my ULT, usually does the trick. If my teammates are aware, I will stun a group and let my team have at them. Sometimes I get more assists than kills, but it helps the team greatly. Patience and awareness are KEY. For me anyway, she relies greatly on her team, if they don’t engage/distract well, I don’t do well at all.

She doesn’t need a buff in my opinion but some fix/tweak about her ultimate and some helix. (btw i don’t use the uppercut, i don’t like the feeling of it)

Ultimate :

  • Remove the recovery time after the ult

  • You can cancel her ultimate with just a quick melee when she is charging it => need to be fix, cancel an ultimate with a simple action without any CD is really a bad idea

  • Fix her hitbox during the ultimate (yesterday i ulted a ghalt who were staying in his trap… and the trap has stunned me when i’ve hit ghalt, but i’ve never touched the trap)

  • Don’t divide the damage by the number of stunned enemies but something like -10% per stunned enemy (if i hit 5 enemies it will deal 250 dmg per enemies instead of 100 dmg per enemies). Because for the moment it feels like it’s a punishment for Deande to hit more enemies with her ult.

  • As the charging time is too long to still benefit of the Deande’s passive (25% dmg for 3sec after uncloaking). Make it works with the ultimate for the full cast if you began to charge it during the 3sec.

Helix :

  • Refined Emitters : +30% Maximum Health on decoy doesn’t worth the +50% dmg as they will only deal 30% more dmg.
    => Increases Holotwin decoy Health. +50% Maximum Health

  • Bast of Momentum : +10% movement speed for 5seconds after a kill isn’t good enough when on the other side Whiskey with the same helix can get +20% for 10seconds (4 times better)
    => Killing an enemy increases Deande’s movement speed for a brief time. +20% Movement Speed for 10 Seconds.

  • The Culling : +23% dmg on weakened enemies isn’t enough when on the other hand you can have +18% permanent dmg
    => Increases Deande’s dalage against weakened opponents. +30% Damage

  • Gathering Storm (Killing a player with ultimate reduce the CD by 10sec, 5sec for minor enemies) : It looks really bad when you know that there is a cap of only one player or 2 minor enemies. When some other character can have -20% CD without condition on ult and remove the charging (Caldarius).
    Two solutions

  1. Reduce the CD of all Deande’s skill by 10 seconds for each enemy player killed with the ultimate. And remove the 10sec cap
  2. Reduce Blink Sorm’s Cooldown by 20% and the the Charging Time by 1.5 seconds

Legendary :

I Feel like Deande could have a legendary that fit better to her kit. Because the current one doesn’t work that well with her, as you will use the burst dash with “Calculated Risk” after the stealth not before and this is when she doesn’t have a shield not before engaging with stealth.

I think she deserves a better legendary’s passive like :

  • When Deande’s heatlh falls below 20%, she automatically enter in stealth

  • When Deande use Holo Twin, she will deploy 2 decoys instead of one.

  • Deande’s attacks gain 15% Life Steal against weakened enemies

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She’s not meant to rely on the throwing fans, although I do use them often but only about 40% compared to melee fan attack. At least in my opinion. She does much better up close. The curve of them is actually beneficial. I’ve hit many people by aiming and getting that curve just right. It’s also probably a deterrent so she isnt used at a disadvantaged distance. Also there is the helix option for upgrading their damage.

I love her special just not the buggyness. It’s super fun to use. I can’t say if it needs a damage boost because I do a lot with it.

I always choose the aoe burst dash because the regular dash is annoying and hard to hit. Very lackluster.

I actually feel as though Deande’s Ult would be perfectly fine if they were to drop the seconds of Deande stun after use.

When playing Solo it kinda sucks but when playing with Caldy all I had to do was say “Stunning Thorn” and Thorn was dead, it’s a long stun that deals damage and (basically) removes you from the battle while using it. So long as your team has even minor communication, Deande’s Ult= Death.

I would love to see her speed brought up to or close to Rath’s levels. Having enemies simply pull away unless you have her slow is absurd. Good move speed in addition to her skill set would really make her a true assassin. I’m ok with her damage since I run her legendary, Vow of Vengeance, and heliophagic goggles(good bye Oath of the Sustained :frowning:). I do hate the stun after her ult and feel it’s kinda weak overall. By doing her ult you nullify one of your teams damage dealers(you!) and if you don’t have skills up you get to watch them ride off into the sunset. I wish they would have made it so that the more people caught in it, the more damage it does. You basically get a damage penalty for a more skillful shot. But hey, what do I know?

I think the only buff she needs is to decrease the windup on her damn ult. Most of the time, everything has been killed by the time she actually does it and tgen it gets cancelled out anyway.

The Utl takes forever to startup, you can be cc’d during startup, casting and cooldonw, very easy to know where she will finish and doesn’t do much if there is people around.

Nope. She is ready to destroy all who doubted her. Inevitably, they will allow the infinite holotwin glitch to enter pvp. Neverending rain will enter upon the battlefield. ALL WILL PERISH. EVEN IF YOU TRY TO KILL DEANDE, SHE EQUIPS CD GEAR AND BREAKS THE GAME. ALL WILL BOW DOWN TO THE GREATEST SPY MISTRESS THE IMPERIUM HAS EVER PRODUCED.

You have to be level 10 in order for you to do that tho and ever since launch I have not seen one Deande player do it.

GBX, go hard on her buff please.