When to Execute?

I know I’ve probably asked this before, but when is the damage from Execute calculated in relation to the timer on Deception? Is it based on the time that’s left, or is it based on the time you actually press the melee button?

i.e. when do I press the melee button: when the timer is as close to 0.0 as possible, or when the actual strike hitting will be as close as possible to 0.0? And what happens if the strike lands after the timer’s expired?

I was gonna say before you get out of Deception (before 0.0, Execute)
but now that you pose this:

That’s quite tricky- haha never thought about it before. I would assume that if you Executed while you were in deception, you would get the bonus damage. I’m not an expert though :l
All I know is the longer you’re in Deception, the greater the bonus damage, and I would assume if you Executed while in Deception and when you hit the enemy you’re out, it would still count

I want to say that I’ve been in mid-Execute when my deception ran out. I think it just stopped my movement and didn’t actually attack.

It’s a very tiny window, but if you do it enough times, it’s bound to happen.

Scratch that. I tried it last night. It took a while to line it up but I did, in fact, get one to land after the 0 timer.

And I think it’s broken down into 4-5 time sections. The last one is around a half a second long. So, trying to hit the button in the last fraction of a second shouldn’t do more damage than the last half second.

After 4.2 of the 5 deception seconds have elapsed you will get the full bonus. You have .8 seconds to execute and land your hit.