When to go Hellborn Krieg?

So I have been playing Krieg focusing on explosive and melee and it was fun and different.

Now I am wanting to make another krieg and focus on the hellborn tree as my main damage type.

Is there a level that I should wait until? Currently I am 34ish I think.

Also is there a specific build I should look at that would be good for someone who has never played hellbown but has played Maya/Axton/Sal extensively.

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I think you’re at the right level to try Hellborn. You should play around with points in the tier 1 skills, I have 3 in BBB and 2 in Fuel the Fire, and you may not want to invest heavily into Flame Flare. Elemental Elation, Delusional Damage, and Elemental Empathy are the skills I would say you can’t do without. DD will allow you to self ignite with other elements so it helps with mixed media (armor/flesh) maps, Fire Fiend lets your melee ignite you and enemies as well as doing some silly stuff to fire rate and accuracy. Legendary Torch is the move, but until you find one Toast coms are your friends (I like razed without Pain is Power). I believe health stacking is the best, so adaptive shields until you have a Rough Rider or Flame of the Firehawk. A good slag (you won’t really “need” slag until UVHM, but it’s not a bad habit to have) nade will do good works for you, betties and transfusions are good. If you have access to Tiny Tina nades a Magic Missile (or Fire Storm, or any AOE Vladof nade, if you are willing to slag with a gun). One last thing, when I started Hellborn initially I began to prioritize elemental effect chance over damage because it facilitates self ignition and gets you quicker access to Elemental Empathy heals. Now get out there and set Pandora on fire.


I will stat looking for COM’s tonight thanx


In case you’re not already aware, Legendary Torch coms only drop from tubbies in UVHM from level 62 up, so just keep your eyes open for Toast coms until then.


Firstly, I’ll just second (I can speak English. I learned it from a book) Paulo’s suggestions. Hellborn becomes completely viable once Elemental Empathy can be maxed. Raving Retribution is actually extremely powerful, but more than that, it really makes Hellborn work consistently.

COM : Toast is vastly superior to the regular Torch, but the latter can be used in a pinch. Again as Paulo said, the Leg Torch is incredible - also keep an eye out for the Leg Reaper once you’re getting second gen COM drops.


Keep a low level fire burst vladoff grenade (longbow delivery) on your inventory. It can be used to self ignite ‘on demand’ when fighting enemies immune to elemental DOTs (like constructor/ Saturn - on which your skill based self ignition can’t work) …

Maybe later (they don’t drop at low levels) keep an eye out for a fire splatgun (lower level the better) for the same purpose. Low level fire rocket launcher will work in a pinch but rocket ammo is a bit more expensive.

All of these will have double the chance to set yourself on fire vs health (after your shield is down).
And all your skills and COMs that boost your chance to apply elemental effects / ignite will work when using such things against yourself …

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I like Chain Lightning for simple and fast ignites. Regens too.


Anyone comment on if this is still a good way to spec? I was thinking of using this as a guide following the UCP 4.2 version.

If so where would people recommend I spend the extra 8 pts we get now?

No one really uses the UCP on the forum. At least not any Krieg regulars.

Taking the first build : Salt the Wound and Elemental Empathy.