When to play Claptrap DLC TVHM?

Hey so I’ve nearly finished TVHM, and i’m wondering if I should play the Holodome DLC after I finish the main game to level up a bit more, or if I should play Claptrap first as I don’t know if it will continue to scale with me, so say I got to level 55, would the Claptrap DLC still only be level 50? I don’t want to be overleveled for it haha


I am pretty sure DLC scaling in Pre sequel works the same as it did in BL2 in TVHM you can play the DLC at any time and it well scale with you but once you hit level 50 in TVHM the DLC can only Scale to 50 it doesn’t scale beyond level 50

I read level 40 somewhere, so I started it at 42 and it was scaled with me.