When to start on the DLC?

Hi guys,

Just got this game as it was on offer for a good price and loved BL1 so decided to get it. I am currently level 20 as Jack and I am loving this game. But I have a question when is the best time/level to do the DLC in the first walkthrough? As I don’t want it to be pointless (too low level) and I do want to do it in the first walkthrough.

Thank you in advance

For normal mode, I’d complete main story and then go in to Claptastic Voyage. That way you’ll have some interesting gear for the start of your TVHM play-through.

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I think it’s like the BL 2 DLC and starts at a certain level. But as VaultHunter101 says, for the first time do it after the main story.
In my case I go in as soon as I think my toon can swing it, to a certain point then start farming the DLC “Glitch” weapons at all different levels as the toons level rises.

Trying to remember how Claptastic Voyage scales in normal mode. I know it starts somewhere around level 15 at least. Does it top out at 35 like BL2 Hammerlock and TTAoDK?

I believe so (in NVHM), as for what level it starts, I do have several toons just started out that are between levels 1 - 5, can always take one there and verify what level it starts out in NVHM

Edit 9pm Thursday

Just sent a level 6 in to the “Claptastic Voyage” in NVHM , it starts at level 30
needless to say that toon ran back to Concordia


I’d suggest doing it after the main campaign just because storywise, that’s when it happens.

Also, if you care about such things, the dialogue of the background characters is different on NVHM and TVHM / UVHM so I’d suggest going there on each difficulty.

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Thank you for checking I am now on level 25 at the start of beginning of the end. So will complete the story and then the DLC.

I do care quite a lot about the dialog in the game yes this makes the Borderlands series stand out from any other and will definitely be doing it on all difficulties! This game makes me laugh so much. Just a bit gutted that I choice Jack as I didn’t know he was such a douche bag lol. Never played BL2 and toughed this is the story before 2 so do that first.

But you didn’t choose jack, you chose Timothy the Doppelgänger - who’s actually a pretty decent guy. I love it when he tries to act a bit like Jack and then says “*** I hate this guy!” Did you grab all the echoes in Jack’s office on Helios for some of his back-story?


yes, I did pick them up yesterday but I didn’t put the link between my character and the echo’s. I thought it was just one of his test subjects. This is good new information.