When was the game at it's best?

my opinion it was the maliwan take down release. it was so close to greatness: n2m was only 50% no ASS shield anoint spam. GR was broken and not working which was fantastic (mainly due to ■■■■■■■ stupid skills like topped off hallow point and overkill which everyone had access to). only problem it brought was stackable ase shield and nade anoints. if it did not happen if only it did not happen man we could have has so much less bloated and anoint reliant game. i still have no idea why they hadd to add god damn elemental damage to nades and shields but that was just the begining of the end. but before people discovered their power there was a brief period of 2 weeks when game was properly decent with no GR and no AS spam. ■■■■ i was trying to run unscaled takedown with no gr on clone swap gear zane and those are the best memories i have of this game.

when was is the most enjoyable to you?


1st release of the cartel event


Agreed, I have the most fond memories in BL3 from late 2019.


A tie with sometime after M2.0 was released, and now.

The problem at M2.0 release, or shortly after, was the Cartels event just completely crashed my game (it was that combo’d with the bonus projectiles, on my at-the-time aging computer). So I could barely enjoy the game I actually was enjoying.

Zane running around with a Cryo Lucian’s Call, critshotting everyone (sometimes slowly) into oblivion with an infinite magazine. Was only on Mayhem 2 or 4 or something at the time.

I have similar fun now across a range of characters, across a range of Mayhem levels. It’s not that I can’t make a meta bazonking DPS build, it’s more that I enjoy trying to make the items I like work (an easy run is the Hellwalker, which I liked before it become buffed to the high heavens. I’m a Jakobs guy in general, have been throughout the BL series). Sometimes they’re off-meta items.

I don’t use items above the Mayhem level that my char’s at, and I don’t farm on my higher-Mayhem characters to get weapons for my other ones. Class Mods and Shields, sure, because they don’t scale with Mayhem level. Not too fussed about my standards there. It’s a nice place to be at the moment, for me at the very least.


For me, BL3 is in its best state now. So much content, so many ways to have fun, best Borderlands game yet!


Just before mayhem 2.0 dropped, for me. I’d worked my way up to mayhem 4 and I was having fun with various weapons, including non-meta legendaries like mindkiller, uniques like hanging chad and normal guns like carbuncle. Sure, there were a handful of OP or UP items that needed balancing, especially in the DLCs, and some bugs to fix, but mostly the game was in a good place.
Mayhem was an option for those wanting a challenge, it didn’t affect loot levels so you could move up and down as you pleased and it actually got harder as you went up mayhem levels. I loved the old modifiers , but m4 existed for those who wanted less modifiers but still wanted difficulty.

As far as I’m concerned, the game went downhill ever since then. Mayhem 2.0 sucked, each DLC got worse and worse, balancing was obliterated, to the point where there’s a few insane items that make everything else just a toy by comparison, and every patch seems to have added more bugs and made the game worse. Sure, there’s been some good stuff too, but it hasn’t affected the overall downhill trend.


100% agree with you Hex. The game felt both interesting and difficult enough to be challenging about the time M4 and the MTD released. That time through the release of DLC 1 seemed like the sweet spot for me.


I’m pretty happy with the current state. I enjoy variety and don’t necessarily value challenge/difficulty, so perhaps it explains why. OP items do exist, but I’m doing a decent job of not equipping them if I don’t find them fun.


For me it’s a tie between right before DLC 5 release and right before the crossplay patch.

DLC 5 because that was the period when 3 major FL4K bugs got fixed, Dominance got buffed, pet stuff got buffed and they were scaling OK, and we just got peregrine so we had some fun grenade stuff going on.

Right before crossplay patch because I love permanent events, I still like what the purple tree offers despite all it’s flaws, and I like the new gear from DLC 6 since it allows you to do some interesting things. I just hate the instability introduced that makes the game unplayable for so many people for more than an hour or 2 at a time.

I was never a fan of M4 days because that was when the powercreep and the design flaw of BL3 (buffing the game while only buffing some items and leaving the rest in the dust without buffs) started to rear it’s ugly head. I enjoy the game far more post mayhem 2.0 phase 2.


Right before m2.0 got released. The gun balance was amazing and even purple guns were good, while some were awesome. Most legendaries were viable.
m2.0 is still severely imbalanced, even after all the balance updates they pushed through. I have no idea why they released mayhem 2.0 in this state. They should have at least locked mayhem levels behind a raid of some sort, similarly to op levels.


Right now, to be perfectly honest.

  • Performance has significantly improved since release.

I remember Eden-6 was really laggy and loading screens took forever, now they load much faster and the game mantains a more stable performance. Same with the combat segments (the multiple projectiles fix was good), I haven’t got a single crash since a very long time whereas I had several before the big patches released.

  • Build diversity is the best it has ever been.

At release, Zane basically only played a Drone/Barrier with SNTL anoint, FL4K’s only builds were Fade Away related, Amara players only used Phasegrasp, Moze’s Iron Bear was unusable.

Right now, there is a lot more stuff to build towards. Zane’s build diversity has increased exponentially since MNTIS cannon was added and Clone was made a viable source of damage, FL4K’s now uses pretty much every action skill in his repertoire (even Gravity Snare in niche scenarios, like a Blind with Anger setup vs Guardian Takedown crystal sections), Amara’s only somewhat underwhelming action skill is just phaseslam, his other 3 are very viable and his hybrid melee playstyle is stronger than ever and Iron Bear/Iron Cub are murder machines, while Moze herself is a monster (admitedly, for the wrong reasons, but still).

Additionally, grenade builds, which were pretty much non-existent (since grenade sucked at release/M4) are now a possibility (Ghast Call, Fishslap, Hunter-Seeker, Lightspeed…) thanks to Peregrine or Guardian Angel.

  • Level cap is higher than before (which is a significant improvent, since you could reach lvl 50 in 30-40 minutes after finishing the campaign since the EXP gain in M1.0 was insane) while still allowing high skill tree diversity (unlike previous titles),
  • All events are available at all times instead of being seasonal and were given for free (as opposed to BL2 or TPS)
  • Anointment reroll was finally introduced to the game, which substantially reduces the grinding and makes farming more manageable
  • Other QoL features (Gun-Gun is actually useful with it’s secondary mode, more bank space, Crazy Earl has quest rewards, Mayhem levels finally got Action skill scaling, which should’ve been a feature since release…)

Do I think they coud’ve done stuff better? Yes, absolutely.
Would I want Gearbox to rebalance Mayhem health scaling so that M10 was at 5000-6000% health and it halved the damage anointments, therefore making other utility ones more viable? Sure.

But I won’t lie to myself and say they didn’t make a lot of improvements or pretend M4 was hard (it wasn’t, there is simply more viable and powerful gear now)


Well, it was at the initial release, but some things were improved since , but some got broke. Which is a shame. I want back the proper VH weapon animations, no camera shakings, proper UI, UI resize option, Weapon of the day preview. These features are no longer in the game :(.

Also, why on earth everyone happy with Zane MNTIS cannon between his legs???!!! (This is on PC only, consoles are ok) If you check the official trailer even there they are showcasing it with the MNTIS between his legs :smiley:


When it first released for me because I was still naive in thinking that @GBX were going to fix the console crashing issues as well as improving the text size, UI and performance in split screen.


When I saw the trailers before the game came out. Went steadily down hill after that.


The sad thing is, it’s so hard to say, because the quality of the game has been all over the board.
Bad drop rates, good drop rates, bad drop rates, paid fix for some drop rates.
Buff, nerf, buff, nerf, nerf, buff, buff, buff, nerf.
Bug found, fix deployed, more bugs created by fix, bugs found, fixes deployed, fixes don’t actually apply…
Grind max level, farm, surprise cap increase, scream into pillow, grind max level, farm…
Skills broken… okay, mostly consistently broken. And the bugs they gave up on/choose not to aknowledge beyond “ticket submitted”.

So you might’ve been playing at one point, and drop rates were good, but your favorite weapon wasn’t doing its card damage or proccing it’s effects properly.
Then it gets fixed all of a sudden, but now its dedicated drop boss gets stuck in its immunity phase.
Maybe it’s also a world drop, but now drop rates have been nerfed.
So you go to farm something else. Eventually you find one after burning your one and only diamond key in 150 Vault Card levels.
But uh oh, here comes a(nother) surprise, unannounced level cap increase. So you grind back up to max level. Can you get a third capstone? No? Great. At least your entire bank is under leveled now.
But hey, they finally fixed the dedicated drop source! But the patch that the fix comes in causes the original damage/effect bug fix to apply improperly, so now it’s unusable again.
And by now, so much time has gone by, and support/hotfixes have dwindled so much, the hope that things will get fixed harmoniously is nearly gone.

[Obviously the above example isn’t depicting the exact linear order of an actual string of conditions, just making general reference to a bunch of individual kinds of issues over the course of BL3’s life thus far.]

It’s hard to nail down a “best” state/point for BL3, because SO many aspects of it have been in such a constant, volatile, cascading flux. The further back you go, the more broken things were in general, but there was more hope that SPECIFIC things would get fixed.


My fondest memory with this game will always be in M1.0 using a purple fire vladof AR to plow through M3, farming for a shredifier. Not because I felt like I needed it, but because I wanted it. Even before dedicated drops were added, I never felt like the game needed it. The balance was in a good spot where you didn’t need legendaries to tackle harder challenges. All you needed was a decent purple, a good annoint, and the perfect modifers to buff your build, which, people did complain about. But I quickly adapted to early M1.0 by having a collection of varying weapons in my inventory at all times. Anytime I got modifiers that hindered my current loadout I just switched it. Made me appreciate all the little details and variety added to each manufacturer, even if I wasn’t fond of all the new gimmicks. With Maliwan, for example, I didn’t mind the charge up at all, but when it came to snipers, the particle rilfe(3 round burst fire) was my least favorite, but the proton rifle(charge increases damage) and multiplex(auto fire) were my favorites.

But with the way BL3 has been handled, all I can do is worry that future games will devolve into a legendaries only matter loot system. Anyone remember when they first showed gameplay before it came out? The non-uniques and all the cool new stuff they could do were at the forefront. Sure wish I could play that kind of Borderlands game again.


Wait… they took non-uniques/the cool new stuff they could do out of the game?

Or have you equated other people being able to have fun their way, such as min-maxing all Legendary builds (without having to spend literal years grinding), with not being able to play your way? :thinking:

My way of playing was taken out of the game in favor of legendaries having dozens of times stronger base stats to counter the absurd HP bloat introduced later into the game’s life. And as they buff every legendary that suffered because of it still to this day, non-uniques continue to be ignored.

Dedicated drops, while I personally didn’t care either way, didn’t inherently affect the way I played the game, but allowed people who didn’t want to spend “years” grinding world drops to hunt for the specific loot they wanted. And as I alluded to, it gave me a way to farm for the Shredifier, so regardless of how I felt about it, I still benefitted from having it as an option.

Legendaries being reletively on par with non-uniques in terms of base stats didn’t stop people from perfecting their legendary builds and allowed for more diverse builds with non-uniques/quest rewards. M2.0 being introduced, along with legendaries and annointments being buffed to counter it took away build options for non-uniques/quest rewards that worked fine before and it made annointments, which were previously more like small bonuses, matter more than the gun itself. Even legendaries that were meta pre M2.0 like the Cutsman, suffered.

So don’t even try to pretend like my gripes involve other people having fun their way. I couldn’t care less if people want to farm and min max legendaries. But why is the fun of others coming at the expense of mine? How does having legendaries be reletively on par with purples on a base level (disregarding their unique effect) stop people from min maxing their legendary builds? Why can’t non-uniques/quest rewards at the very least be buffed along side legendaries?


False, you can still play with non-unique purples. It’s just harder at endgame, since it’s a late-game tier. both options are there, yours just isn’t the ONLY option.

You don’t care if they farm, but you also don’t care how respectful the farming process is of their time and investment, because it doesn’t affect you.

How does a higher tier of weapons doing higher tier damage stop you from using generic purples?

Ah, this old chestnut. So did the legendaries remove generic purples from the game, or did M2.0? Neither?

I don’t have to pretend. Making Legendaries a perpetual cruel tease instead of an end-tier intended to be used at endgame, directly diminishes the practicality and viability of min-maxing.

Expense means something is taken from you. No one on the other side of the argument is saying “Get rid of purples completely!” or “Reduce purple drops!” or “Why are purples overshadowing blues mid-game!?”

Who says they can’t? That is absolutely doable without touching a single Legendary damage number or drop rate.

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the game was at its peak before it was release. Gbox did a good job in marketing with the trailers, vault insider program and all. People played in slow motion the mask of mayhem a thousand times to analyze it. then skill tree builder was launch and people here are theory-crafting builds.

then it go spiral from there, issues pop out, the supmatto goons; epic exclusive; fl4k gender etc. etc.