When was the game at it's best?

The limited number of choices within a tier on a skill tree can really limit build diversity. TPS had better skill trees with a lot more trees giving 3 options in a tier.
But I’d still argue that poor balance between some skills is a bigger problem. It was worse at launch, but gearbox added damage boosts to some weaker skills to balance them better. The reality is damage is crucial in borderlands, so a skill with a damage boost is usually gonna be better than one without, meaning if you have a choice between 2 skills, they probably need to both offer a damage boost or neither offer one. It’s pretty easy to go through a skill tree and find the skills most players would avoid, and the builds generally do so, so those are the ones to look at for balancing, to improve diversity.


Mayhem 4. Before the projectile nerf. Haven’t played as much sins. They took the fun out of the game imo.

Don’t get the point of mayhem 10/11…
What’s the point of giving enemies millions of hp and at the same time give mayhem scaling to the player. Making wierd interactions with some things and making others utterly usless. Pretty much oneshot vs not having enough bullets to kill anything.


I’ve never understood m2.0’s scaling system. Why make the game harder and also easier at the same time?
It made sense with BL2 OP levels to give some scaling and gear levels, because you had to work your way up through each level to unlock the next, so you regeared up at each level, but mayhem lets you jump straight to any level and gear up in seconds, so with little effort you’re just as well off and the whole thing feels pointless.


Yeah strongly agree. Obviously Mayhem scaling makes complete sense for action skills and certain set damage skills like best served cold, otherwise they’d be either irrelevant end game or massively overpowered on lower Mayhem levels.

But yeah, the way the system works it just encourages you to jump up the levels as fast as possible, making most of them borderline irrelevant. It’d probably be unpopular but I honestly would have enjoyed it if you actually had to do something, like complete both takedowns on your current Mayhem level before you can advance to the next one. Would have felt more like an actual progression.

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When I didn’t have to look up damage algorithms and formulas to figure out the difference between weapon damage and gun damage.


Maybe this is just because I’m a math head, but having different categories in order to stop multiplicative bonuses getting even more out of control makes complete sense to me. Of course the way it works is needlessly opaque, and skill descriptions not being consistently accurate is… frustrating, but it doesn’t really get complex or hard to work out till you start adding thing like bonus elements.

I think the damage formulas in BL3 add a lot of fun depth for build optimisation personally.

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I already hated scaling in BL2 :rofl:

That’s why i liked pre M2.0 M4 (and hated M2.0 as a whole)

In BL2 i didn’t like it because i just farmed some infinity’s, hornets and Harold’s and did fine.

I rather have Diablo 3 difficulty (min/max and just get better/more efficient and finding that piece of gear that helps you push the limits a bit further)


D3 has infinite scaling with Paragon main stat though. They also buff set bonuses and items all the time to keep up with endgame health values. I see people make the comparison a lot, but you don’t ever stop scaling in D3, you just scale up super incrementally.


Been a while since i played :rofl:

But there’s always something to work towards :wink:

In BL2 i kinda had the same vibe (not overly lucky with legendaries) constantly looking for something better to push myself further (could handle OP8 but still work to be done)

Here, in old M4 is was gradually finding stuff to get more efficient. M2.0 however took me a day or so to find gear to melt M10 :confused:
Not really a huge problem… But there’s nothing left to work towards :slightly_frowning_face:

Not sure if non mayhem stuff would work in M10 (or rather would M10 be playable without scaled weapons or is enemy scaling too high?)

Good thing GBX capped guardian ranks :rofl:

To give an idea of how i’m kind of at the end of difficulty (or beyond)

With flak i don’t even have to shoot my gun :joy:

Zane, using a cryo tizzy i can do pretty much all content.

Not saying GBX should nerf everything though :rofl:

I wished M2.0 was old mayhem with more levels and optional modifiers (wich depending on what it did boosted rewards) and no weaponscaling

This has nothing to do with the state of the game itself, but I can say that I’m feeling pretty excited to play BL3 right now because I recently switched from a vanilla Xbox One to my first gaming PC, and I can finally be proactive about trying to get an experience that’s more suited to my personal taste. Shoutout to the Borderlands modding community for making my playtime more enjoyable.


I like the way it is now, though m1.0 was still the best but one thing I would roll back is reintroduce m2.0 enemy damage scaling. It provided a bit of extra difficulty on m10/11.

dlc 2 mayhem 4
there it was for me the best it has been ever
it was fun and decently hard

i remember the moment i played dlc 3 and mayhem 2.0 for the first time
the decline in fun was insane