When was the Mercenary gunpack added to the base game? (Xbox 360)

Totally a random thread, I haven’t played the original Borderlands in years upon years. I got it after it was released and fell in love, being a super OCD kinda dude it always bugged me that I never got the Mercenary gearbox gun pack. (Yes I know its useless but still, OCD) I used to check cases of the used games at Gamestop hoping to find an insert with a code and would periodically check online to see what they were worth on ebay. Well I gave up and stopped trying, eventually moving on when Borderlands 2 came out.

Today I downloaded BL1 on my Xbox one, the old 360 games on demand version they released for free with the games with gold promotion a long while back. My saves were still in the cloud and I loaded up my siren and it tells me I’ve unlocked the mercenary gun pack out of the blue. So I start up another character and bam, there they are. I assume they were added at some point to the base game?

Kind of cool, made me feel like my “collection” of Borderlands content was finally completed. A random story yes but it was pretty neat to find when I fired up the game after so long. Oh and there’s an option to upload my saves presumably to the new remaster, was this update recent? Seems odd that such an old title would receive an update after so long.


Yes the update is recent. It came out I think, the day before the remaster released.

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That’s awesome, its such a small thing but that really made my evening. That’s one of those small details that is so old you’d never, ever expect it to be addressed after so many years but here I am astounded that someone took the time to stick that little bonus in there that most people would never care about.

I just happened to have been playing it a couple days before the remaster released. I loaded up again the day before and had the update there. I didn’t notice until I saw the option to “export” character saves.

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Hello, can I ask a huge favor for anyone that has the Mercenary Gunpack? Unfortunetely in the PS3 we didn’t get the weapon pack. Can someone post the cards from the weapons given by the pack? I’m almost in the exact situation as you were before, looking for some code for the pack to be redeemed, without luck. It would be very awesome. Thanks in advance.

I don’t have any of them on hand but I can try to get them tomorrow.

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The gun pack in the 360 backwards compatible version has actually been there for a while - it’s basically the GOTY version without the fold-out map. You should get those weapons on any new character you create in that version of the game.

Unfortunately, I’m on the playatation family, so I tried to verify if I have the gunpack on the PS3 whithout success. So I would like to see the weapon cards of the weapons to know what are those, so if anyone have them I can trade :). Thank you for your responses.

Urmagurr… The b/c version of the game doesn’t allow screen shots for some obscure reason. I’ll see what I can do.

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I’ve been a little preoccupied or else I would have helped with this sooner, are the guns the same for each character? Or is there a set.

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Not sure. Here’s what I got on Lilith:

@LeonWigg: Not sure if they have fixed parts or subject to the usual RNG when they get given to you. I honestly do not remember if you get different items on different characters or not. I think you might do though? Now I’m writing this I thought I got a shotgun on Roland?

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That’s exactly what was I looking for, thank you, very much! I have some old pictures of the pre-release that I will use to roughly compare the weapons, and by that, I assume that they have fixed parts.

I know, too, that you can’t get these weapons in the Circle of Duty missions, sadly (and even then they would not br the level of the weapon pack). If you can post the weapons from the other characters I would be immensely glad. Thanks again :slight_smile:

There is a special Gearbox SMG you can get as a reward on one of the rounds. I have one on my Lilith, and it packs when heck of a punch!

@LeonWigg: Here you go.





So it looks like they do spawn in with random parts, which can also lead to different rarity.

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Wow, thank you so much, friend!!

Comparing with the pictures of the pre-release pictures in this video, the weapons you showed are very similar or identical as far as I can see the parts, using the part spot guide from [Old Forum Port] The Part Spotter's Guide
So if they are different, they change very little. Nevertheless, I gladly appreciate your efforts, thank you again :slight_smile:

Some of those look like they have unique materials, most notably that sick looking repeater Mord is holding.

Some of these would wreck early-game, especially the combat rifle Roland has and Mord’s sniper. I agree with Max, I’d want that too.

I’ll let you know how they play out over the weekend, then! Hey, is it weird that I managed to get all but Mordecai to level 3 by the time I killed the last skag outside the gate? Mordecai I had to complete KYII before he hit that threshold.

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