When we gonna see some gameplay?

Rly, 24 days to go and still not a single gameplay video on the internet, why? That makes no sense.

This concerns me too, and is very much in line with what happened with the remaster. I am probably going to pre-order this purely because of the discount to remaster owners, I really hope I do not regret it like I did with the remaster. I guess I will have to wait and see. Fingers crossed ehh? :frowning:

i do not want to pre-order unti i see some kind of gameplay / preview from a magazine.

if you preorder and the game is not good - you can give it back 14 days after purcase ( if you play under 2 hours)

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That’s good to know, thanks.

With the new steam refund system if you buy any game on steam for the preorder bonuses there is literally no drawback, it’s a win win.

Game absolute ■■■■? Just dont play more than 2 hours and request a refund right away.

Game awesome? Sweet! You got your new game with the preorder bonus!

HOWEVER what I will say is we now have a week left till launch, and still absolutely no gameplay? wow this is like The Force Awakens levels of secrecy here…

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