When? When will bl4 be released

Honestly, I enjoyed it enough, and I am not looking forward to any future patches including DLC6.

I thought about this for quite some time, but it became clear that even the Valentine’s Day event did not respond to the latest patch like new anointment and balace.

Since there is no sincerity in the game, there is no expectation anymore.

Still, if Borderlands 4 comes out, maybe I’ll play

So I think it would be better to expect the next work to come out better than to expect the BL3 now.

I think BL3 is a good enough game.
However, there were many improvements, but there were too many omissions.

For example, everything in the Mayhem system

Equipment, skill, vending machine, Ways to raise the Mayhem level

Variety of options but too much
like artifacts - 5 types of options in one item and no pattern
So patterned pearls are almost always used.
The use of class mode is rather reduced, so only one or two shows superior performance.

There are many more, but I enjoyed BL3 as BL3.


I mean they could fix the game but probably won’t because they are too scared to make backwards changes and admit mistakes
Mayhem 11 was probably all we could expect…after a year of bad gameplay…
I honestly think they would do a better job with a new game


Might be years before we see any info. Let alone a game


Image when bl2 was in its first or second year of life and people asking when bl3 was about to be released. We waited 8 years

Gonna be quite a while. Honestly, I think odds are they aren’t gonna start working on it until at least next year and from there it might be another 2-3 years until it’s mostly done at which point they’ll announce it and then it’s gonna be another half year until release.

So my guess is, Bl4 is maybe gonna come out in 2025 or 2026 if there aren’t any additional factors further delaying it.

To be fair, the Pre-Sequel came out a couple years after Borderlands 2.


Hopefully in like 5 years+ from now, which I hope it will be enough time for GB to get their act together and starts actually caring about this series and their fanbase for a change.

Until then, as far as I’m concerned, this series is done for.


Fair enough but TPS is kinda a different case, it’s more like a big spin off / dlc with its own dlc.
The point was, I can’t get how people are foreshadowing bl4 when bl3 its far from its final state. Cmon we got dlc5 for bl2 in I guess July 2019, and a big lv cap increase too so…

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BL2 was basically done after the story DLCs released, you got two years of support with headhunter packs (which together are about as long as Krieg’s DLC,), a patch later down the line with fixes and buffs in like 2015 or so (the patch that made Acid Cloud good) then Lilith DLC in 2019.

So far, this game has gotten more freebies and support with it’s SP2 deal, but I think besides the content you see here and MAYBE one or two balance patches down the line when they release Vault Card 2 and 3 (they said they were gonna release those at the end of this year) as well as a prologue to BL4 DLC similar to what they did with Commander’s Lilith, the game is finished.


Well technically, the game it’s done once bl4 is out :stuck_out_tongue:
I think that IF it would come out It wouldn’t be sooner than 2025/2026

As Scooter would say, listen to this carefully, as I will explain each step slowwwwly for ya. Gearbox has ancient programmers who program slower than molasses. They grew up with 8-bit microprocessors, and are self-taught. Example: they used signed integers to represent progress in Badass metrics, and boom, they overflowed. Any real C or C++ programmer would have used unsigned int, but NO …oh, they decided to challenge the Slabs of programming language foundations. Half of you have no idea of what I am talking about, but please humor me. The next BL edition will come out in 2028, just in time for new coders to be employed by the company. Are there any good programmers in the world? There were a few. They worked for NASA, where a single mistake can cost hundreds of millions of dollars. Nowadays, most coders are dunces. Biggest modern failures are Cyberpunk 2077 and Fallout 76.

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The way things have been handled with this current release I’m not really looking forward to anything from GBX. If/when the next entry does come out I certainly will not be lining up to pre-order or purchase out the gate that’s for sure, lesson learned this time around. Good luck to those that do and happy testing.


Probably a very long while for me since after this one , i’m not gonna buy bl4 until its minimum 50% off !

Companies these days(not just gbx) think they can sell you a triple a priced game , make you beta test it , make you pay more for dlc , all while fixing half the issues before moving on to the next project …


All I know is that to me, the question of when it is released is irrelevant.

The real question is “when is it complete and relatively bug free”? I assume the answer will be “when it is the GOTY release about 2 years out, with all DLC”.

Then I’ll buy it for 1/3rd the price of the base game, with all DLC, without frequent rebalances/changes/nerfs/new “mayhem levels” or whatever BL4 has/and all the other nonsense this game has jerked us around with.


If it’s anything like bl3 hopefully never.


does anybody else think we will have season pass 3? lol

My hope is that the poor quality of the season 2 DLC pass is a result of them shifting all their resources to focus on Borderlands 4. That is the only acceptable reason for the lack of attention to the game over the last few months. Borderlands 4 is their chance for redemption.

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It’s sad but it already feels dead
And I wanted it to be relevant for years like BL2
I’m afraid the same could happen to Diablo 4
Big hype, good start and then they are ruining it within months

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I hope that Diablo 4 isn’t bad as the launch of Diablo 3 was. However with that said they did turn D3 around and we have enjoyed it greatly on the consoles, still play it to this day and have fun. Also don’t know if you tried the Outriders demo but it isn’t bad and I had fun. Nice for a company to put out a demo, pretty rare now days.

On topic though, could care less at this point about BL4 after how BL3 was handled. Other options for me out there to choose from including Bl1, BL2 and BLTPS.

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its like this
in general the big dev team does move on immidiatly, i mean, do you think they can afford NOT working on anything for years?
i assume they already sit on that next game, and assuming history is a thing we can lern anything from then id say the next bl game is 2-5 years away

it rly depends either

  • borderlands 4 is the same jump as bl 2 —> pre sequel in which case they literally dont have any big work, so the game might be out 2022-2023
  • borderlands 4 is entirely new then it depends how much they will change, the game at that point will be out 2023-2026

why do i think that?
well, bl3 made money, so the next game is a 100% thing to happen
they will try to move on quickly
the game cant be another 7 year gap ( i mean 5 or so if you go from pre-sequel)
max 5 years

and 5 years from bl3 release, not now
bl3 has been out for 1 1/2years already so no matter what we can cut that time off those 5 years already
so the earliest would truly be another year and a half from here

and before you say
but they made the dlcs
the dlcs were made by smaller teams that are not the core dev team
the core dev team has moved on around 1-2 months before release when the game went gold, and anything from there was a smaller team to mantain the game

again, they dont just start doing work in 1 year from now on
they sit on it right now
most things ppl hate right now are propably things they take into production

case and point
gamefeak is capable of releasing big titles every 2-4 years, they literally finish a project and go to the next project
maybe a vaccation inbetween but they move on quickly to keep the momentum