When? When will bl4 be released

Hopefully, when it is ready.


The difference is that BL2 wasn’t nearly as bug-filled nor crash-inducing as BL3. For me at least. I enjoyed almost every DLC offering from BL2 and BL1 for that matter. BL3 is a disappointment because of the all the unaddressed bugs and crashes coupled with poor decisions and direction.

GB is incapable of reading the room, making decisions that often conflict with player requests, for seemingly random reasons. Or no reason at all.

I’d feel more confident about BL4 if it was under new management or a different studio altogether. Sure it might be a completely different game, I don’t want more of BL3 though.


Bl2 was ( and still is.) full of bugs, glitches and not-working-properly things tho, and every fan loves the game for that. I always thought that even when bl3 wasnt even a dream. Anyway I guess there wouldn’t be any bl4 without Gbx. They deserve all kind of criticism maybe, but we have borderlands because of Gbox, they created it, I am sure the franchise would be even more messed up with another company running the development. Just my hopinion tho.


Pretty much this.

BL2 still has compatiblity issues, bugs, glitches from 8 years ago and the recently new BL1 remaster has memory leaks issues as well and that released a year ago.

I wouldn’t put the BL1 DLCs anywhere near the BL2 or BL3 DLCs in terms of quality (aside from Big Game Hunt, that one was pretty bad). Ned’s hour long zombie fest, Moxxi’s 3 arenas and Claptrap’s Assets Reutilization are low quality DLC (Knoxx is fine though).

Thankfully, they come bundled with the game and you don’t have to pay for them.

In my case BL1, BL2 and BLTPS never powered off my console or crashed it on a consistent basis as BL3 has. Also the split screen was implemented better than the afterthought that we got with BL3.

Is BL3 a wash in my opinion, no I wouldn’t necessarily say that because there are good things about it but bottom line is that I am not a fan of playing console Russian Roulette just to play one game and then said company not putting any effort into either fixing it or addressing it for that matter.

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Wow man, does bl3 shuts down your consolle every single time you try to run it? Gearbox should certainly come at you with answers to that
Is your console like dates? Mine is, just a regular Xbox one I think one of the first to come out and it has regularly problems running the disc, it just takes 3 or 4 tries before it actually reads it


I hope that a season pass 3 will never become a thing. That would be just plain horrible.

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Yeah I know it is hard to believe but it will power off crash 100% of the time when I either attempt to join and invite or send one to someone. As for matchmaking it will either power off or lock up when it loads up. Single player plays a little better but will still power off or lock up particularly when loading new areas.

I am running a XB1X (bought it a couple years ago…yeah late to the party there) and BL3 is the only game that gives me problems. If it was just my console and I was the only one having the problem they year I get it its my console and not the game but clearly that is not the case as A LOT of people are having problems running this game on consoles.

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Well boys and girls get a hold your shorts because BL4 won’t come out till the next New game platform hits the market ,just like bl3 did,so you can have the next step in gaming.

thats not rly true
every console generation where bl was a thing had 1 game at least ps5 and xbox x willsee a bl title 100%