When will be load be available for me

So the game is less then 2 days from release is Australia I’m just curious as to when it I will be able to pre load it on my console

Edit: it seems the pre load has stated for people on ps4 and epic store but still not up for Xbox as of yet

I think they said 48 hour prior to release.

What console?

Well I mean it launches in like 46 hours for me so I guess I’ll just wait and see should be today hopefully

It is the same time for everyone due to an Epic Store limitation. It should start in less than 3h (PC) provided that you have your activation code which is not the case for many of us. May not be an issue if you pre-ordered from the Epic Store.

Ironically, the issue seems to affect those who ordered the game from borderlands.com (2k).

Im in Australia . On xbox. 36 hours to launch and I still cant preload.

It might not be until (9:00pm PST)

Yeah, they did said approximately 48h.

It could be in 2 hours (4:00 PST) up until 9:00 PST, in 7 hours.

Downloading 38GB.

Really? wont let me from epic store in CA

I’m on PS4, GMT+2.

Fiber sure is swell

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Gotcha, maybe for epic it starts at 9PM PST

I’m on Xbox and still can’t

I don’t know what to say. For me auto-download didn’t worked. It’s version 1.01 (bug fixes) 38,5GB, but I’m sure there will be Day1 patch.

Sounds like someone messed something up. According to their news PC was suppose to start 42 mins ago and console is 21:00 PDT and MSK was 00:00 Sept 11 for download. Release was MSK Sept 13 00:00

will be available for download roughly 48 hours ahead of the launch date and time listed for your region

So For most of US that means this evening/now, right? No download link available yet though…

I guess they allowed for some wiggle room by using the word “roughly” lol

I mean in Australia the game is legit like 36 hours from launch lol “roughly 48”

Australia PC play is Sept 13 @ 9:00 AEST
So download should “roughly” be Sept 11 @ 9:00 AEST

Yes but I’m on Xbox , so 48 hours would have been 12 hours ago