When will gearbox buff iron bear already

We have been asking for it for so long.

All these hotfixes just focusing on nerfs to “eNcOuRaGe oThEr pLaYsTyLeS” when the solution is really to just BUFF THE OTHER PLAYSTYLES, in Moze’s case being Iron Bear.

It’s not that hard. Triple its health, triple its damage. Now viable on Mayhem 3.

I just want to be able to have fun and use my mech as advertised when I bought the game dammit! And being silent on the issue is really not helping.

Now I just hope they actually read this and listen to what we are saying before inevitably merging it with the other thread to make it seem more like a minor issue which is limited to a single thread:))))


It’d be nice to share what some of those plans are instead of leaving us completely in the dark. They should realize that a simple “We’re working on it” is not a good enough response to such an incredibly deep, obvious, and serious issue.

They should follow the examples of a couple of other companies and be more forthcoming with their plans, even if they’re not permanent. The whole “well, if we share our thoughts and plans, and we change them, people will hate us more” excuse is total bullcrap, only emboldened by the failure of Bioware/Anthem (which was an outlier).

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Okay on the surface I’m with y’all, because half my posts are about ways to improve IB. I very much enjoy the concept more than the execution so far.

HOWEVER, there are tons of screws in this machine that need turning. Considering that every week they tweak something and repair something else, I’ma trust them to get to that. And I guarantee you that GBX devs are aware of suggestions made about IB and are doing video game maths so that when they improve IB for mayhem, they don’t absolutely break him elsewhere.

I work in data analytics and we do a lot of programming in my field. It’s not as simple as “change that from a 1 to a 3 and we’re good”. Weird sh*t happens that you didn’t expect all the time in programming, which is why games this size have bugs to begin with.

Edit: meant to say that the point is we got 3 other characters , tons of side quests, ways to vanilla 100% the game, Easter eggs, coop and solo challenges and YouTubers who make videos we can watch.


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I really dont understand it either, but maybe they are planning on doing a BIG change to iron bear later ? maybe in a few months ?

Dude that’s EXACTLY what I’ve been saying: just triple or whatever its damage and armor for mayhem and that might be enough !! I even made another thread on it

Oh my baby sweet Jesus God.
Still don’t want to buff the Iron Bear? Huh Gearbox?
Okay. Don’t buff it. Let’s just ruin the fun of Moze.

They recently hosted a livestream where they mentioned their plans to buff Iron Bear in the upcoming patch.


They only mentioned buffing its health, not its damage output…

Devs don’t merge stuff. Moderators do. We want the devs to be able to access suggestions in one place rather than have to hunt about the forum for info. Let’s say this thread didn’t get many responses, it’ll then sunk down the list of threads. If we merge into the master thread- that we know the devs are tracking- then your post won’t get lost.

Multiple threads on a single issue reduces the impact and the chance of any particular post being read.



I thought that maybe if they see a lot of topics on it, it would be a different story. but i get your point too

He got a health time.