When will Gearbox Support Listen.... ( Health Bar Bug! )

I have spent the last 7 days going back and forth with 2k support about a health bar bug many people are complaining about. I have actually sent multiple in-game videos of this bug happening and making it unplayable for me on mayhem 3 or vault hunter mode because of this bug not allowing my health to regenerate. I have shown videos of all my specs and gear on and all my specs off and gear off tho show them that it is not tied to any gear or mods I have on. I’m very frustrated after spending $100 plus on the ultimate edition and spending 30 plus hours completing everything that I can’t play and enjoy any of the end game. Also with the DLC on the horizion and the halloween event coming what are players that are struggling with this problem supposed to do? When will Gearbox support listen or even menton that they are aware of this bug?

What character are you using? and what shield, class mod, and relic?

Lol! Obviously you didn’t read my post. I took all my specs off and all my gear off and the health bar is still the same. it is not related to a item or a gear mod it is stuck on 2374 it wont regen and I cant refill it. It only depletes. I use Zane level 50 guardian rank 100.

Any chance you could link the video showing the health bar with/without gear/skills here? If you can, I’ll push it over to the Community Manager for a second look.


Here is the one when its off.


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