When will give us a saving option on mayhem modifiers

i come back due to DLC4. so i didn’t know there was or not of saving option on mayhem modifiers. i am just a causal player, so this option is really helpful, i can go back to normal and find out the weak point of boss or to enjoying on easily playing the game in weekend etc. however if i turn off the mayhem, i have to draw the mixs again and again, so why don’t give us a saving option, it may give 1-4 save for that mayhem mixs we have draw in favorites. it can make what i am saying more easily to go to play any difficulty i want to play when ppl log in the game. pls add this option.

Short answer: never.

There were so many threads about modifiers here and I can’t remember GBX saying anything about this. Not even something like “were working on it” or “its a known issue”

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