When will Kid Ultra get released?

So I’ve been trying to find this everywhere, but I can’t find it. DX Today is the reveal stream, but does he release today too?

Most likely next week for season pass holders

Do we have a quote on that anywhere? I try to keep up with the battleplans, but don’t recall a date being mentioned.

Yeah, I’ve been looking everywhere for a certain date… But I can’t find it. DX

Apparently, from Twitter, Oct 27 for Season Pass Holders and Nov 3 for those lacking

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And just confirmed in the Battleplan 10/20 thread.


Can we instead discuss how Mentalmars noticed that it looks like he can absorb and reflect skills? Cuz I can’t wait

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Oh I hope it comes with the accompanying call out.

“Big Green Ball! That name is temporary.”

~fired back~

“Big Green Ball! I’m keeping that name!”

Yes, I would love this. (Deep down I will think of him as a robotic Kirby and np once can stop me, I’ll even provide the sound effects need be.) Especially counter Pillartsorming fools, that’ll surprise em. Assuming it works that way ofc, I don’t know if it works for ultimates. !!! One Thorn and 9 Kid Ultras bouncing an ult back and forth in Chaos Rumble. I wonder if it also has a damage multiplier…

That speculation in that part of his video is invalid. You can see that, that is simply the starting animation for his ult and that he took damage. I think the spectator mode failed to show his crossblade initially.

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Wasn’t Rath just using the cross blade that comes back?

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Yeah I commented on mentalmars’ video speculating the same thing, it looked cool but it also shows him take damage and that animation he was doing was his ult, rath’s echo just cut through him on the way back and cancelled him out of his ult, his skills are somewhere on the forums and its not imitation

Ah. I thought it was his bola attack.