When will loot packs start showing up in inventory again?

Since the hot fix, picking up a loot pack does nothing.

I think the ones you pick up during a game are auto-opened, since they’re shared across all players on the team? The ones you get for completing specific character challenges etc. remain unopened though, and appear in the Loot Packs tab.

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You can get loot packs from chests or from challenges, in addition to just getting random loot itself. The loot packs tend to be on the rare side; I tend to only get a loot pack from a chest in about 25% of runs (most of said runs are Sentinel Advanced, and I know where all of the chests are, so that increases the chances).

And, yes, I have gotten loot packs like this since after the hot fix was applied.

When playing, if you open a chest and you see two of the loot pyramid things (I’m pretty sure a chest can’t have more than 1 piece of loot in it), one of them is going to be slightly bigger than the other; the slightly bigger one is a loot pack (since loot packs and loot are not the same thing).