When will the new DLC be free again?

Hey everyone,

Yesterday I was reading some gaming news and discovered that BL2 released a new DLC a month ago (Commander Lilith) and everybody was saying that was free for who had bought the Handsome Collection. Unfortunately it was limited time only, and now is costing a lot (in my currency), so I was wondering if it will be free again someday! I know is a weird request, but I in really excited to play the new DLC.
What makes me sad is that I wasn’t notified about the free DLC when it released, and now I lost the opportunity…

P.S: I’m foreign, so sorry about the bad english

Thanks for reading!

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Probably not.

While I doubt it would be free again, it’s more than likely to end up on sale on your platform of choice at some point. So, if the cost is an issue, just check whenever the next batch of offers is announced.