When will there be a new borderlands game

So I think the question that everyone is asking is when will the new Borderlands Shooting (not talking) game come out? Please answer this.

not for awhile, gearbox won’t start it until they are done with battleborn, so my best guess would be at least 2 years after that game comes out.

Just saw this: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Rz9RxIxIJ5c

Seems we’ll get some info on Sunday!


thanks, that’s very helpful

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Hopefully the wonderful wizards at GB will give me a reason to buy an next gen console.

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Well Pitchford during Pax did mention when asked about BL3 to tune in today to the stream to see what he will show. Just have to tune in.

Battleborn might be that reason

It’s almost certainly going to be a game that I buy when I do get a next gen console. We will see if it’s enough to push the purchase on its own. It really comes down to whether or not my lady will enjoy it as much as she does BL. Dunno if I can justify the money if it’s not something we can share.

It does look super awesome so far though, just watched the co op gameplay video this morning.

Im not overwhelmed so far by battleborn, I will watch and see before agreeing to purchase anything seeing how so many titles didnt live up to the hype last year.

Its been confirmed. IT happening

So bl3 has been announced?

Release date?

Well they are ready to start working on it so 2-3 years from now?

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I’m gonna wait for the recording to get the exact wording of everything.

Okay so up til now theyve not done any work on it find that hard to believe. But whatever.

I’m sure they have done some brain storming and talking about it but with homeworld, tps, battleborn, the team has been busy to say the least.

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@Jauxking said on twitter. But i cant wait to get my hands on the recording either

Still hope it wont take 2 years…thats a while.

I hope it’s 2 years from now. Nothing but good can come from them taking their time.

Edit: i mean i don’t think we want Sal’s off hand again, or something similar


Yup, Randy asked for people to help make the next BL game, the big one…

so if you code/design/programme get to the jobs page and good luck!