When Will we be able to level up?

borderlands 3 ultimate vault hunter upgrade pack?

Are people in a hurry to make all their level 50 gear obsolete?


I think it was at the 6 month mark in Bl2.

no just wanted to know that’s all

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If a level cap increase is coming, the sooner the better. If the level 50 gear will inevitably be obsolete, it’s more daft to want to cling to it than it is to want to hurriedly move past it to the proper capped gear.

Hopefully after the crummy anointments are gone.

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Odds are theyll more than double by that point; farming at max cap is going to be gruesome

umm yeah…

I’m desperate for a level increase. The emphasis on end game has meant that there is nowhere to go for campaign players after a Normal playthrough. A handful of skill points doesn’t make TVHM worthwhile. In single player, I’m stopping my characters’ playthroughs after the Tyrene fight and hoping for a level cap rise, after which I will return to do TVHM. Fortunately, in the mean time, the new character designs give me lots of options for different styles of playthroughs, and I’m relatively content.

I do miss the game structure of BL3’s predecessors, though. Does anyone remember the shock of TVHM in BL2 on your first playthrough? :slightly_smiling_face: No artificial difficulty increases required. The whole game got harder! But you fought through for that next skill point and to hit the level cap. I don’t find one playthrough and Mayhem a substitute.

Yes some of us are

Yes. It was awful. UVHM was even worse. Despite all the playing and replaying I did in BL2, I think I only got one character through UVHM and to the cap… and I grew to despise that character.

Hopefully a long way off.


I don’t think I even finished TVHM on more than one character because of it being the exact same thing but on a higher difficulty. Especially didn’t appreciate this given that it is the quoted reason as to why we aren’t getting new VH in BL3. People didn’t bother for more than one character, according to Gearbox’s data.

So I much prefer the way they are doing things now where they are adding different avenues of getting to max level through the DLCs rather than having you trudge through the same thing multiple times.

Do not miss that at all, though I am anticipating actual new stuff like skill trees as I work my way towards level cap on one of the two characters I am playing right now. But for now it is still a bit early for level cap increase imo.

Max level through the DLC’s? I was already max level before the Halloween thingy came out and that was just boring as hell. Now the first DLC is out and granted I love all the slot machines and the storyline is pretty decent, I think it should have been part of the original game rather than a DLC.
Playing TVHM at Mayhem 4 is a blast, granted I die lots (solo), but there’s really no point other than to finish the DLC and put it away again until the next DLC comes out.