When will we be getting Lorrian Purse Cutter back?

It’s been 2 months. Will we be getting it back or is it gone forever?

I am also wondering when it will return… Maybe in this weeks update?

What is this?

It’s a shard generator that steals shards equal to a % of the damage you do to the target.

max is 3%. After 2 months of it being disabled I don’t think there is much hope of it being reactivated

Did they disable it because it removed shards from opponents and they boohooed a bit, or it didn’t work right?

I dunno. They just told us it was disabled in Battleplan #7. I mean, the whole point of the Lorrian Purse Cutter was to steal from the opponent

this is easily one of the dumbest orange items in the game. ANY shard generator that is 1800. Spend 1800 to slowly earn shards…you could have spent that money on turrets that are far greater to your team than this legendary. If it isn’t one of the free ones, it doesn’t make any sense.


It makes sense when the additional benefits can fill that third slot vs a generator that has no other additional effects.

The legendary shard generators are pretty good. Right now I’m using Veil Manipulator for the shard gen, skill dmg, AND I get hp regen when I hit 1000 shards. I use it on Pendles (because I can’t use Lorrian Purse Cutter, the one that’s PERFECT for him) to augment his Injection and Smoke Bomb while also adding some survivability

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Oh Lordy imagine how much the current Pendles rage would increase if people were to lose most if not all of their Shards after a Pendles assassination?

the loss is only, at most, 3% of the damage done to them. I’d have to deal A LOT of damage to make any noticable dent in their shards. Let’s say I singletentaclely kill a mid-size Battleborn (your Whiskey, Oscar, etc) at full health. Even after dealing 1800 dmg I would still only steal 54 shards. That’s not enough to cripple someone and at most it would only really be useful for when everyone is low on shards.

@JoeKGBX when will we our Legendary gear back? it’s been 2 months. Surely something has been done about it

semi necro-ing and I apologize, but seriously I just got this out of the legendary loot pack…if you’re going to disable a gear item can we at least pull it from the loot pool so people don’t get items that can’t do anything?

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That’s a fair enough request. Although judging the nature of this item, they are probably still trying to decide if it’s fair/fun to play against

but pulling it from the loot pool at least makes it so that people don’t encounter the problem more than those who already have it

I have two of them I got from the loot pack. Can’t use them don’t want to sell one until they bring it back so I don’t get rid of the one with better stats.

I’m glad people still care about this topic

I do care, but mainly because no matter what I try I seem to be cursed with the only 2 disabled legendaries and not get any others(been opening loot packs constantly to no avail)

So it’s a mild annoyance that rather than remove the legendaries from the loot pool they allowed more people to get them…using a shift code they gave out…so of course I’m going to keep asking

What about the burning sunset? I dont know when that one was taken out but I would like to use that one too.