When will we be getting Lorrian Purse Cutter back?

I would prefer it if the Lorrian Purse-Cutter STAYED unusable, because i was getting tired of having to wear an athletic cup all the time. Sure, they CLAIM that it only affects shards, but these are LORRIANS we’re talking about; better safe than sorry…

if they kept it gone then remove it from the lootpool…much better than wasting peoples legendary loot packs wouldn’t you agree?

I…Uh… That was just a joke about not wanting my scrotum cut… I didn’t bring enough jokes for the whole class!

EDIT: Wait, we’re good; i remembered a Futurama reference that fits this perfectly, so let’s start over:

All i know is that my gut says “maybe”…

I know, just had to call on it!

Burning Sunset was taken out too? Gearbox didn’t tell us that in the patch notes iirc

it was a while back. they disabled a bunch of gear and brought back all but lorrian purse cutter and burning sunset

Oh so it isn’t a visual bug… good I used the search function rather than opening a Topic…

Are these 2 ever gonna be reactivated? 250 Credits is too little to sell it if I don’t know if it’s gonna get reactivated.

Damn you Burning Sunset! Your not even Max Roll and look Ugly with your greyish background… but I can’t sell you.

Can these be used in story Mode? Even if the 3rd effect won’t apply, at least that should be doable activate them for the first effects.

Gearbox hasn’t said whether or not they’re reactivate them and you can’t use them PERIOD