When will we be seeing matchmaking/lobbies?

I thought I saw/heard that this will be integrated into Multiplayer. Any specific time frame?

I’m curious about that as well. A proper matchmaking with leaderboards would be really cool to enhance the experience. I’m also sure I’ve read about it being included somewhere…

I think they’re still working out the networking kinks, so that probably wouldn’t be until a little further down the line. We have to remember that the base networking code they are using is 15 years old and depended on a now-dead service. Get the core working properly, then add the bells and whistles.

Well they have the core working, which is why it’s not alpha but theres bugs and balancing that still needs to be done which is why it’s beta. I can see them testing out lobby code so long, maybe even releasing it to find any bugs in it while the whole MP thing is still in beta.

Matchmaking with leader boards though, not so sure about that, haven’t heard anything about that myself.