When will we get a report function to combat griefers/afkers/rage quitters?

Just finished a match (Paradise, Incursion) that highlights the need for a way to punish players who grief (do nothing or actively impede their team), afk, or simply rage-quit.

A player chose Kleese and then raged in voice-chat that we were body blocking him while he front-lined, actually screamed in rage at us. To “punish” us he floated around doing nothing and when we lost stated in chat “this is what happens when you piss me off”.

One, Kleese is a fatty, and you should know this when you play him. Two, he acted like a child and deserved a longer time-out.

There should be a report function to combat this, give griefers/afkers a 30 minute timeout, or something.

Most games have a function or means to combat or discourage this. It is time Battleborn gets one too.

The latest battleplan mentions this feature in the bottom of the post.

It’s mentioned that it should be ready in the next major patch coming in July.

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I would suggest something better:

Simply ban the user for life should their character selection cursor hover over Kleese for longer than 3 seconds.

Kleese is absolute garbage.

Hey, that is not necessary. Kleese is a fantastic support, and very territorial if the other team lets him set up.


Yesterday I found out that Kleese and Isic are an insane combo. Good thing that’s Isic’s Lore actually encourages this. Probably could have gotten a Worthy of Song as Isic if we weren’t advancing so fast and if our Pheobe wasn’t killing it too… :smiley:

This. I played ISIC and my friend was kleese sometime last week- we were getting ground to paste by the opposing team in echelon, but i asked kleese to thow a roft by me because i was going to ult and didnt want to get melted.

On the main front i could keep EVERYTHING at bay. I stayed in tank mode for the longest i ever have in pvp. team had trouble guarding the other entryways, but we did at two points kill enough of them to make small pushes. Didn’t change the outcome of the game, and it was still a landslide struggle, but kleese made tank mode better than viable in this case. They were MADE for each other. :stuck_out_tongue: Even if they hate each other’s guts, they both want to stay alive more than they want to kill each other XD

Even more useful than the rifts is Kleeses lvl 5 helix which lets him heal everyone around him. It’s extremely powerful, just have Kleese follow you and throw down rifts and you’re golden :ok_hand:

(And it helps everyone, not just characters with shields)