When will we get System requirements

Borderlands 3 has been up for preorder since 4 days now with no indication of the minimum System requirements to even run the game. I really really want to preorder the game but how am i supposed to do that if i dont even know if i can run the game on my computer or not?

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They haven’t been released yet, but I’m sure they’ll be posted here as soon as they are.

Kind of feel like those should have been disclosed when Pre-Orders became available. Pre-Ordering a game like this then later finding out your PC doesn’t meet requirements would be like say buying it on PS4 then finding out it only plays on PS4 Pro and you don’t have a Pro Model.


Considering it’ll run on xbox one, not high. With quad core CPU and decent GPU I’d expect to run it just fine.

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Thats exactly what i think too

Tbf there has been presenece of games taking needing more on PC then on console

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I have this exact same question. My concern is I play on a Mac. Is BL3 even going to support Macs? Why would you offer a game for sale without listing the requirements to play? SOMEONE at Gearbox needs to post this information. Otherwise, how do you expect us to order?

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Based on advertisement if you plan to run it on Mac at launch you’re going to need to have windows on your mac either from bootcamp or a virtual machine like parallels. And then hope you don’t have to buy a new Mac to meet system requirements.


Is there anywhere you SAW this? I cannot find anything official at all. I cannot understand why Gearbox would not publicize this, front and center, in bold type. If I knew it would run, I would pre–order it. Since BL2 and TPS both were cross-platform, it does not make sense to me that BL3 would not also be.

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Unless things have changed recently stating a piece of software is available on PC does not include running on MacOS. Mac was always listed separately and most cases a MacOS version came later after the developer or someone they outsourced to did the work to port the software title to MacOS.

i expect to see info during the twitch stream or closer to the release date. either way, i am prepared with my ps4 and have plenty of room to play it

It seems you are correct. I have asked around and that´s what I got:


Hi there! I have a very specific and easy question, concerning Borderlands: will it be available to Mac? I have not yet pre-ordered the game because I am not sure if it will be ported. Thanks in advance!

Epic Games Player Support:

Hello [edited],
Looks like you’re interested in pre-ordering one of the games from Epic Store. My name is [edited] and I am here to assist you!
I believe that you’re referring to Borderlands 3 which is to be released on September 13th, 2019. At launch it will be exclusively available on PC via Epic Games Store. Sadly, it won’t be available to Mac.
Please let me know if you have any other questions or concerns. I am always here at your disposal.

So, that´s that. We will have to wait. Needless to say: as frustrating as it can be :frowning:

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Well again there is a sort of workaround if you don’t mind running windows on your Mac either through a boot camp partition or using a virtual machine like Parallels. The primary issue with Mac is outside developers specifically making content for the App Store I don’t think they view Mac as a gaming platform. As such most mainstream titles don’t get a mac version at launch.

Yes, you’re right. I have used Parallels before and it works as intended. It requires a yearly payed subscription, but is a nice workaround. Boot Camp is not fully operational in Mojave, but I suppose I can make it work. Anyway, thanks for reminder, Ukyo. I have to use Mac , due to work, and this mainstay incompatibility between Mac and PC is still a drag sometimes.
Thanks and all the best!

I also wrote to the epic support about it and all they said was that they can’t provide them atm

We’ll know when they are finalized.