When will we know the final character level?

So, this new DLC is out.
Level cap is up.
All those hours on hours I’ve spent grinding for OP’s weapons are down the drain.
Frankly I have no desire to go back to the game to throw away all loot in a month or so, besides all the characters we have are bland AF.
So, have anyone told us when we get to final level and op difficulty?

dont forget the new skill trees :stuck_out_tongue:

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New level cap -> More reason to play and farm new gear for my characters.

3 will probably go beyond 80.

I think. By dlc 4 end or 1 yr we’ll be 72.

Give me the 4th skilltree and this is justified

Do you guys think theyll have a year 2 season pass of content or an expansion? Post dlc 4. Xmas.

I mean theyll be safe to try n sell it cyberpunk 2077 wont be out till gosh knows when / not 2020.

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Until they give me Krieg I’ll haunt them till the end of days.

gonna come for the next DLC :slight_smile: