When will we see the next Level cap increases?

With the 2020 Road map not directly mentioning any future level cap increases it makes me wonder just how much consideration us going behind level increases. I think the majority of fans didn’t love the last level increases for atleast one of a few reasons which have been discussed on other posts.

I hope if they do another increases within the next 6 months it is more then 3 levels. At absolute minimum I would he content with 6. Even then I would like to see a level increases come in conjunction with more permanent in game additions like Story DLC or even Takedowns.
At the same time I almost think another small level increases so soon would actually hurt my desire to play even more then the last one did.
Honestly I want to see levels in larger batches.

The level increase looks to be via Mayhem 2.0. Somewhat similar to OP levels back in BL2.

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From what the devs had said in interviews I understood M 2.0 to be more of an overhaul with a bit of expansion. I would honestly prefer them to spend more time tinkering with Mayhem mode and trying to flesh it out to have a bit more progression or sustainable gameplay that isn’t all based on RNG. This way players can spend more time with there gear and less time worrying about farming just to get comfortable with the new level of play.

Agreed. The re-farming issue has become a source of contention on all forums I’ve looked at. For every new gun, shield, mod, relic added the time needed to essentially replace existing gear with the same rolls we enjoyed is almost impossible unless you play this game 8 hrs a day, 7 days a week.


Even with that, it’s still impossible. I’d been playing like that for 3 weeks now.


Been playing like that for 7 months :sob:


I see the next cap increase after the next two rounds of “seasonal events” and before the third dlc. Or around six months.
I wouldn’t bet on a big increase. There isn’t as much room for increase and I think GBX want to keep it to small free increase. A good thing for the vanilla players.

I didn’t do intensive farming and I’m glad. I wouldn’t invest time for perfect gear until we’re at cap level or what seem to be it.

Cap increase, big or small, hurt everyone in a way. While small increase hurt the “intensive farmers” who seek the perfect build. Small increase hurts everyone else a lot less as it does not render all your gear useless.

I’m sorry for you folks but anyone with a little insight knew the level cap would be raised. Big or small. Farming lvl 53 gear is no different then farming lvl 60 gear… At least your lvl 50 guns were adequate for 53.

Now you know there will be other increase. I suggest you loosen up and enjoy what the game have to offer. There’s a lot more to Borderlands than doing the hardest run with the top build over and over again. Or farming endlessly for that specific anointment on that specific version of a gun. When gaming become a chore. Maybe the game is not the issue?

Have fun and enjoy the new buffs.


I would prefer to not have another level increase for a while. With the skill trees, and being able to capstone 2 trees, it is only going to further the disparity between the Great Characters (Zane), and the not so hot Characters (Moze)

I’d rather see the cap always be 53, and for them to explore other ways to increase the difficulty, at least until Fall of this year.

With M2.0, they could allow the Mayhem Levels to drop higher Item Score gear, to help with the harder enemies, and various other ways to increase character power without needing to increase level cap.

Also, increasing level cap gives rise to the idea of an UVHM, and I’m REALLY not interested in that, if it includes having to play the story, yet again.

Me too. Just totted up that I have 502 hours of playtime (doesn’t include loading screen time, so maybe another 30%).

Personally, I don’t understand why people enjoy level cap increases anymore. There are tons of other, much more interesting ways to dish out more skill points; and now with Mayhem 2.0 coming it sounds like re-farming the same gear is going to be a necessity if you want to keep using the same build to move up each Mayhem level. I don’t mind that so much as long as they find a way to make getting the gear + anointment combo much easier (they said they are working on a few ideas, so I am hoping we hear something soon); but I don’t see what value level cap raises bring on top of all of this, other than about 30 minutes of gameplay to re-level back to max.

Ah, the good ol’ “This issue didn’t affect the way I play so it isn’t real” comment. You can always count on a couple of these with any hot topic thread.


That’s not what I meant and sorry if it look like it.
… But I am glad I didn’t do intensive farming. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:
I lost a few good drops too in the process and I remember the 72 -> 80 from BL2. Totally agree there’s other ways to do skill increase.

What I’m trying to say is we are partially responsable. “Issues” like these are predictable. We all knew it was coming one way or another. The way I decide to play and the amount of time are my choices and mine alone. I also accept the consequences. I have good but not optimal gear with very few useful anointment. If any. I didn’t score the Wotan kill and can hardly play at MM4.
I try to look at the game as a long journey instead of the “right here right now”.

I could turn the sentence the other way.
-The ol’ it’s an issue for me therefore it’s evil and bad for everyone.
But I won’t. :wink:

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I just want to know if they have an “end” level cap in mind - I’ve held off completing a bunch of the “once-per-character” challenges just because I don’t want to finish them until we know there won’t be any more level increases in the “normal” lifespan of the game.

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I’M not even sure they know. :grin: I’m holding off on my three other VH trying to guess what’s coming.
I’m pretty sure there’s no definitive, poured in concrete schedule/plan atm. So don’t expect any official road map.

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I will say this with them now putting some heavier focus on the guns that are or where not up to he takes of M3 or M4 thr re farming issue is some what lessened as there are more guns you can make good use of while up search for your favorites. One of the things that agravated me to no end while farming for a level 53 Redistributor was the amount of Legendary Sniper rifles I got. By the time I finally got what I wanted to get from Wotan I has seen more Woodblockers and ADSMs then I ever wanted to see in my life.

I think for most people the biggest kick in the face was that it was only 3 skill points. When we hear level cap increases we think new builds, new possible synergies, Capstone Mixing, and more. I like the idea of free level increases. It means people don’t need to buy the DLC to play with the rest of the community when they reach the end game. I however don’t like the idea of getting 3 or 4 levels every 6 months until the level cap reaches its maximum. I know the content Road maps and frequently updates are an attempt to keep people playing and keep the game mildly relevant for the next year but honestly people will take a break from this game. Now that I know how the games post launch is going to be proceeding I know that I’m not going to play this game much until this next road map is finished.

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The sooner the better. And the more the better. And staying away from garbage systems that strongarm you into awful difficulties in the name of progress - why, that would be the best of all.

As I said I think Mayhem Mode dose a fine job at adding difficulty options. Adding more instead of revamping or refining an existing system would he a bit of a cop out in my mind. I would guess that Ulitimate Vault Hunter will be a thing but in reality I feel it would be unnecessary and overly complicating. TVHM is more of a NG+ then anything. So why not have it serve that purpose and that purpose alone. Use Mayhem Mode as a difficult system.

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Nope 6 months x amount of days

I actually missed this post when I read though last time. Honestly I don’t think they want the game to be like TPS with 3 maxed out skill trees. This is simply based on what Paul Sage has said about levels and skill points in the past and how he doesn’t want player to just rush and focus on Capstone skills for every build.

Now based on some simple math I think I can hypothesize where they might stop if the skill trees stay as is.
It takes 26 points to max a tree. We get our first skill point at 3. So if we could max out all 3 trees we would be right at 80 the level cap of BL2. This would make me think this game may stop around 70 like most of the previous entries did.
Paul Sage did say I in an interview when questioned about more characters being playable that they want to spend more time expanding and developing the current 4 vault hunters. This makes me wonder if they would add a 4th skill tree or maybe extend/add more skill to the existing characters thus making a high level cap more valuable. This would also mean balancing would become an ever increasing struggle to maintain.

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Max lvl will stay around lvl 60 in BL3. Once you pass the lvl 50 the scalling in stats is different so the 3 level gap is bigger than standard.

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Anything less than a 10 level increase will be disappointing IMO. Three levels was just way to little. Once the wedding is over we’ll need something to keep playing for. I guess if there won’t be a way to infuse our level 50 gear then we’ll have to re-farm for the next level stuff.