When writers run out of ideas

I really enjoyed Borderlands 3, and I’m sure this has been brought up. But I feel like the writers at Gearbox ran out of ideas and said: “Let’s jump the shark.” This is what I realized when Troy phase locked the moon.

The idea that sirens are more powerful than people thought… good it was hinted at in BL2… now instead of sirens being able to stop 10 guys at once or teleport a town with a lot of effort, they can destroy moons… WHAT? When Troy phase locked the moon, that was when I said: “I’m not interested in the story anymore.” Basically, with the Crimson raiders now having 3 sirens (4 as I don’t believe they killed off Lilith), They basically are an unstoppable force. What could possibly be a threat to them? An enemy fleet of ships has arrived in the system. Phase lock them and toss them into the sun. Phase Shift and set all their reactors to overload at once. How can anyone be a threat to that?


not arguing against you here but in b3 they did say that being a siren wasn’t all people think it was as they often end up on the run or hunted down as trophies not exact wording mind you yeah your right op but think b2 lilith with out us she would have died fighting off the bandits that took Roland as they were crazy enough to just throw thier life’s away wearing her down didn’t matter how many she insta killed in one single phase walk there where hundreds of bandits all insane and Jack showed with enough studying you could over come thier powers mind you his money and resources helped insanely lol

Troy kinda leeched tons of eridium and the power of tyreen who was the most powerful being and leeched the life force of vault monsters before


How did Lilith teleport the moon at the end? How did Tyreen teleport Raiders anywhere in the universe she wanted at will when Lilith had troubles picking destinations? These are signs that the writers have no idea what direction or limitations to put on these powers.

It is a problem a lot of writers have with powers that don’t follow the laws of physics. They want to make characters more powerful, so they just keep pushing and pushing and pushing without realizing that they basically just said “The power cap is off.”

Because as they show in the planet shot Pandora is basically turning into Eridium a siren on the planet literally has unlimited power.


As far as I can understand it
Tyreen was way more powerful/skilled than Lilith after adding her powers to her arsenal
And Lilith took all of HER left power when tyreen died? Lilith is not a leeched so she probably only took back her own powers but she kinda improved over the years, phasing sanctuary, destroying sanctuary, I don’t think she “teleported” the moon
She just kinda “holds it off” from crashing into Pandora and I mean, it’s space, there is no actual gravity, pulling it into Pandora. It was just troys pulling that made it move and Lilith kinda gave all of her power and body to prevent that.

planets gravity? lol

yeah pretty much dragonball borderlands lol


I don’t think, it went through the atmosphere yet

All planets have an orbit area, if the object is to close it starts to descend towards the planet surface, doesn’t have to be in the Atmosphere

shouldn’t that not matter with a planet the size of Pandora?

thats what I was thinking not sure if it’s the same but like the suns gravity

Dude, I’m not an astro physic
I just think that it’s not comparable with a human, lifting a house or something
More like a human who pulls a truck

neither am I lol thought we were just discussing it nvm then lol

I would assume she just gained the power she lost back as Ava didn’t gain all of Troy’s powers after he died. She did something to the entire moon because at the end of the game it became a giant ball of fire, so she ignited the entire moon. If she is using her powers of fire to push the mood she is still affecting a celestial body.

So it sets the rule A siren does not need to spend time regaining control of power after losing it.

Tyreen taking Liliths powers sets the rules that a siren gains the knowledge of how to use a sirens powers after taking them.

Tannis sets the rules that a siren’s power can be transferred to anyone (or at least another female so far)

I should create a list.

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Why not? But I think the writers of GB already have one :smiley:

Like I said in the opening post. I don’t think they have rules for siren powers. They are just going “What would be cool.” kinda like fan fiction more than story telling. Like how Tolkien created the ring of power that no race known to Sauron could resist, but he didn’t know about hobbits so they could resist the ring’s power, but only for so long before it twisted them into something else (Gollum) so even then he had a side effect for Hobbits holding onto the evil item.

Gearbox doesn’t seem to have a side effect for sirens using Eridum it is just “Here is a supercharger for your powers. Go nuts as there is no side effect for pumping your body full of this mysterious element.”

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Well, Lilith kinda seemed addicted in bl2, jack exploited and destroyed a planet for it, the twins raided galaxies for it.
It’s kinda the oil of borderlands and there isn’t endless supply. But there is a lot ofc. Which means a lot of potential for power.

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yeah even in two gearbox sacrificed seriousness and logic for fun some times its something I always liked about the borderlands series

Ya, but my focus is the effects on Sirens. Lilith being addicted to it was interesting, but there was no long term use downside. You can’t alter your body’s chemistry to much without having a downside. Like I was expecting Angle to die of Eridium poisoning even if she survived being removed from the machine because of how much Jack was pumping into her. Which is on a small scale what Troy did to himself.

I thought for most of her life Angel had been absorbing eridium like that isn’t that what kept her alive?