When you finally get an anointed grenade mod

I cry

That grenade is legendary ranked iirc

It is… but certainly not legendary tier. xD
It basically functions as a slightly-higher damage non-modded grenade.

Correct - it’s just a regular grenade but legendary. Claptrap references it in the beginning of the game when he says they switched over to the Echo-3 from the Echo-2 :smile: if i remember correctly.

god mozes anointments are so bad :confused:

Honestly? If this one has no cooldown, then combined with homing grenades it could be really powerful, as many enemies will use rapid-firing weapons and well… Iron Bear is a big target. xD

This anointment makes a Grenadier Moze viable even when in Iron Bear… provided you have skills or items that’ll make Iron Bear tanky enough to withstand the blows.

Still, to my knowledge, no other class has grenade anointments (Aside from the generic ‘all skill’ grenade regen).

This puts a smile on my face. I was hoping Claptrap wasn’t just saying that at the start of the game and that we could get Echo-2 as a weapon.

This anointment spawns the equipped grenade, right?

Yes it does. :slight_smile:

Wow…annointed grenade mods do exist!?

I’ve only seen 2 anointments, though. The regen a grenade on action skill and that iron bear one. I got lucky and got the iron bear one on a cryo recurring hex.