When you go from defending Gearbox, to hating them

Why are there so few good developers left. Why is the gaming industry in shambles? And why did one of my my teams turn a great game into such a trash hole. Lets skip the angry 3 paragraph rant and to straight to…I bought the deluxe and season pass. Loved this game, defended it, tried to get people into it. And then you add micro transactions because its failing. So even though I threw all the money I could at the game to make sure I get everything, you asked for more to get “the rest” of what you add now. So yeah, I’m done, I’m gone. And I probably won’t buy another gearbox product if this is the direction they are going with their customers.

It’s not devs fault that you didn’t read all the info that they give to the community about MTs and the description of the season pass to see what it contains.

they added microtransactions as a way to support the free updates. is it that hard to understand?

I blame Gabe, for the most part, he dropped a coin called Hats, and it got the other kids watching, then they all hit the allies. We got to pick up the trash…

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player base is crashing hard.

fans are getting fed up.

me personally im getting real close to just calling it quits as well (theres always overwatch)

ghalts entire character is filled with bugs and weird accuracy issues that they have known about for months, yet they refuse to fix them.

q times are worse than ever now, impossible to find meltdown or capture game.

still no cheater report function.

still no new maps or gamemodes or skins (unless u pay real money for them)

still lots of hitbox issues and invisible walls that rin the fun in pvp

i love this game and ive stuck around sofar, but we can only tolerate it for so long

To be fair to GBX, they did announce the game would have MTs from the beginning. I just personally hated the timing of the Marketplace considering they hadn’t even released the first Season Pass content yet.

still lots of hitbox issues and invisible walls that rin the fun in pvp@chodespode this is the biggest problem i have with the game. how does this not get patched quickly plus it ruins marquis sometimes

They’ll add all of it on the next patch this month.

I’m playing since the first day and didn’t find any invisible wall, where did you find it?

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happens to me all the time on overgrowth and paradise

try to run away, get stuck on invisible wall, DEAD.

had lots of people walk right through my ghalt traps and not even get stunned, have shot a guy right in the face with ghalt hook and somehow they dont get pulled in

have shot a thorn ultimate right at some1s foot they take no damage at all

have slapped players in the face for 10 seconds straight and they take no damage

idk if its cheating or lag but its annoying, just happened to me again now after i wiated 20 minutes to find a game, only to be grouped up against a japanese premade lol .

ugh… i want to like this game, but at this point im forcing myself to like it

I cant comment on Ghalt as I have yet to play him, but I do not encounter these issues myself.

Is this a PC issue? (Xbox player here)

They added micro transactions quite awhile ago now, they said they were going to do them before the game was out.

Also there are multiple threads about the market place where you can continue this.

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