When you must die, you must die

When you must die, you must die.

Cuando debes morir, debes morir.


I feel your pain, this happened to me last night as well. I just told my team to forget me.

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Saw the same thing in the corridor with the three crushers in a row. The timing is perfectly set to nail you just as you get revived (and can easily take out the one doing the reviving if they aren’t really careful.)

Had an odd one last night on Experiment: a Montana missed the jump across the gap between two of the islands over where you go to upload the results. The game moves his character back up on to the lip, I revive, and he promptly walks forward off the cliff. Repeated this about 5 times before I just gave up and left him. Why he didn’t just back up a few steps is beyond me… :blconfused:

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Would you consider this bad game design?

No. Revives are possible, just tricky and risky.

[quote=“SirIsaacNewbton, post:5, topic:1540890, full:true”] Revives are possible, just tricky and risky.

For the room the OP died in, if you get on top of the crusher, you can press the button to start the revival while it’s down and continue to revive even after going out of the nominal range thanks to how the Unreal Engine deals with moving platforms. Do it right when the crusher drops and they will revive with a few seconds to gtfo from under the crusher before it drops again.

For the corridor crushers, the problem only occurs when you rez them immediately after dying. Wait a few seconds rather than hitting it immediately and they’ll have plenty of time to move to safety.

Unless, of course, you feel like trolling your teammate a bit, in which you should most definitely rez them right as the spikes/blades are about to come down. Because it’s fun seeing other people suffer.


No. It is just things that happen.

Definitely. It’s silly that the platforms are set to fall at almost the exact moment you finish a revive.