When you start UVHM....?

Do you first farm legenderies or do you go along with the game and deal with everything?

I usually jump right into UVHM immediately after beating the Warrior and returning to Sanctuary.

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I just played the game as normal- really didn’t farm for anything until I got the mission associated with it…

I never farm for anything before reaching level 72. Seems like a waste of time to me, since those items aren’t going to last. I’d consider doing a couple of loot train runs for a legendary COM maybe, but that’s it. Other than that, I just use what I find and spend some golden keys sporadically if my gear isn’t up to snuff and I’m having bad luck with drops.


…first time playing UVHM?


That’s what I do since gear in TVHM is locked at level 50 max.

I will usually farm for one level 50 quest reward just to get started, but otherwise… just jump right in.

Usually just play the game, as that’s the fun part. I then farm as necessary. Since I have almost as many characters as gun possibilities in the game, I see no reason to wait until level 72 as some character in the future will make use of the gun.

Depending on what gear I finish tvhm with, I might look for 1 or 2 items, but they are usually quest rewards.

I always save the Heartbreaker for level 50, because it whips major ass, and I’ll usually get a Pimpernel,because it’s probably the best weapon I the game.

Hopefully the Warrior drops something decent and getting a Volcano, Flakker or Conference Call is gravy. If I still want to get something, I’ll usually do the Mercenary Day dlc and get some train loot with a couple kills. Then it’s on to story mode.

Exactly. Better gear awaits in UVHM and I want to get right to it.

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In the rare event that I drag another character to UVHM, before he or she makes the jump, I’ll have one of my OP characters travel to TVHM, shop with the nutty Seraph vendors for some high-end gear, and twink it over. Antagonist? Interfacer? Hit UVHM in style with the latest in Seraph fashion!

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This is one of the first things I do after securing Liars Berg, get that DLC done, then any time the RNG is being a swine and my gear sucks, I can farm the Snowman

Otherwise I just play the game and hope for drops, except for the Hornet, I try and get a new one every couple of levels, having an on-level corrosive face smasher at all times is really helpful with Armoured Psycho’s

Had my first real rage moment ever playing this weekend in UVHM. When in Angel’s chamber and trying to destroy the Eridium pumps I swear I died a half dozen times to the Angel Loaders who’s OHK me then sprint under an Ion loader’s bubble…over and over. God I HATE Angel loaders in UVHM!!!