When your opponent is a nice guy

So something cool happened in a meltdown match today.

I was playing Deande and used her jump kick to get up ontop of the bridge arch in Paradise. For those who dont know if you aim up and use her running jump kick you can jump very high.

Soon after being up there I see the enemy Deande. Naturally I start throwing my fans. But this Deande was just dodging not attacking. And occasionally tried to jump where I was. So I hopped down, and jumped back. He tried too and failed. Then I aimed up and threw my fans so he would know to aim up. Then he tried again and got it. I Taunted, he taunted then we parted ways.

Later in the match I was getting some shards. Then I turned around and he was there. He totally had the drop on me, and could have attacked. Instead he just taunted, then I taunted. We then went our separate ways.

We messaged later, turns out hes french. So I had to use google translate to help, but we thanked each other.

Mister French Deande, you are a cool guy.


I haven’t had much experience with players like this and it’s awesome to know more are out there. I was playing Miko once and we were losing pretty badly. Eventually, our last sentry was almost dead (on Overgrowth) and I just ran around the back way to the little room overlooking the sentry and used the Bow taunt to the three enemies in there and instead of killing me they just looked at me and we all taunted and ran around for the last 20-30 seconds. It was great knowing they were so chill and not hyper-competitive.


Hahaha, that must have been comical. :slight_smile:

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Tis the respect between master and student


That’s a cool story :+1:
Battleborn needs more posts like this these forums need some positivity.

Spread the love people :heart:️


I found that out the other day too. Isn’t it so freaking awesome!!

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Ikr! You haven’t lived till you jump over Montana. Hahahaha.

Or kicked a Benedict out of the air and into a pit!

Hahahaha. Oh id like that. Im still waiting to sneak up on a Bendict whose perched up high. His time will come. :slight_smile:

I play him a lot so don’t expect to catch me off guard as him!

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That’s just awesome!

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