When'd you get your first Pearlescent?

I’m closing in on 200 hours playtime, and now the only thing I’m doing is farming Crawmerax. When was the first time you guys got a Pearlescent? I’m curious, and would also like an estimate of how much of my life I’m throwing away until I get a Pearlescent.

I got my first Pearl(a sub-standard Bessie) on my first Crawmerax kill. This was back in the day when I joined random lobbies and the other guy pretty much did all the work. But yeah, that was insane luck.

I’ve heard the rough estimate for pearls/craw kills is 1/80.
I have about 560 hours, and I think I have 13 pearls, and I know I found an Ironclad with Stouty(or was that somebody else?) before. I might’ve found a couple others that went to other people, but I’m pretty good at keeping track.

i dont remember.

Played this game so much on ps3 but never got any pearlescent gear… Since Ive been playing this on Xbox one I’ve gotten one pearlescent shield from my first and only crawmerax kill on my character on playthrough one.

My first pearl was an S&S Serpens with not very good parts. I got at at 148 hours during an Armory run.

Since then I’ve found about a dozen across three characters. I’m at 500 hours.

Long ago in a distant land, I aku the shape shifting master of darkness, found a serpents in the armory. That was my first memorible pearl. Barrel 5 and stuff. And only a AX body can undo the future that is akuuuuuuu…

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If you’re after specific pearls, and are getting bored with craw, it might be worth hunting badasses, since they have specific drop pools that include pearls.

Got my first Pearl, a Serpens, on the third Craw kill

I’ve only ever got pearls in some of the custom maps - they’re just too rare in the normal one - i get nothing from the ‘original’ Crawmerax

think the first one was a Pearl Aries but couldn’t swear to it

I don’t think that you’ll waste that much time just to get your first pearlescent, if you start farming Crawmerax. However once you get one you probably won’t want to stop and keep playing to get more pearls, then it excalates to goal of getting all pearls. That’s what probably is going to take a lot hours.

I’ve 430 hours played on BL1 and I’ve found all pearls. I’d subtract around 100 hours to get amount of time I’ve spent while farming Crawmerax.

I only ever farmed Craw to max out my weapon proficiencies but I spent the better part of 4 years waiting on my first pearl (an Undertaker from the Armory). Mine is a story probably on the edge of the extremes though.

I’ve found tons of every pearl but my first actually came from a chest on the way to the prison. It was the chest that hangs off of the end of a broken off bridge that you drop down to. It was a Tsunami with bad parts but at least it wasn’t a thumper.

Mine was a Jackal. Whee. Found it in a lance chest in the armory.

My only other two pearls (a Bessie and an Ironclad) came from the lobster.

(Edit: geez… necro’d. Sorry, heh!)

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I got my first, the Bessie, out of the armory, my jaw just dropped, I’ve made numbers of runs only one I’ve found.

My first, and so far only, pearl was an Undertaker I got from a Badass Rocketeer in the Circle of Duty.

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My first Pearlescent was an Atlas Aries from a Badass Defender during the Circle of Duty mission. The parts were poor, so never found a use for it.

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My first was actually a Nemesis from a Badass Shock trooper. I was leveling my Roland and I believe it was level 64 ish. I was doing that mission in Knox where you have to take a trolley to the top of a moundtain. I was quite surprised , even more so now that I know Nemesis are pretty rare.

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