Where am I ? am I in mayhem mode or not?

I am confused about where I am in the game, now I am not the brightest bulb on the tree but I have been looking at videos and posts about end game and Mayhem. But I am still confused.

I believe I have “completed the game” because I see a little Mayhem icon below my level bar?

But I dont see a skull on my ship map, so am I in mayhem mode or not?

![Borderlands® 3 24_05_2020 12_42_56 PM|690x388]


This is my screen when I jump into a game.

Am I doing something wrong?

these are all the missions I can choose from, so it looks like I have completed the main story line.

When in the menu you see in your last pic, tab to the second page from the right. This is your mayhem mode select screen it shows the current level and if it is on or off.

You’re in Mayhem 1. You can change your Mayhem level through the echo log (back button for consoles) or at a console by Maurice/Hammerlock’s room on Sanctuary 3.

thank you guys, so I am in the end game? so what are my options now? To through the game again and do it at mayhem 1? or just do side missions or jump into maps I I like to play and the game will just scale up and I go up through the mayhem modes?

You’re in the beginning of the endgame, where it ends is up to you :grin:

The goal from here is to get better gear and improve your build so you can play in higher Mayhem levels. Ideally, at least imo, you’d want a build that can handle Mayhem 6 at the least so you can get all the new exclusive gear, but I’m fine in M4 atm.

You can also just redo the story if you want. I’d love to do that once GB implements phase 2 of their planned patches. I would suggest saving side missions until the next patch is release in a week or two. At the moment, mission rewards aren’t scaling with Mayhem levels, but they will once that patch hits, so if you wait you can get a more powerful version of quest rewards.


thank you very much, I really appreciate this, it helps a lot

You could level to 57 and then redo the story in true vault hunter mode. It doesn’t offer that much difference, but is a way to get all rewards on max level.

thanks all of you, you guys rock.

They are also working on changing the Veteran Rewards machine to let you redeem Eridium to get updated (on-level) versions of mission rewards.

We want to ensure players have a use for all the Eridium they’ve collected throughout the galaxy. The Veteran Rewards machine will receive a shipment of mission-specific rewards that players can redeem once a mission ends.