Where Angels Fear to Tread Issue

So was doing the mission, got to the Bunker and since there was a fast travel I jumped out to a different location. When I finished I saw that the Bunker wasnt on the Fast Travel menu. I figured no problem I’ll just refight my way through everything.

Problem is the big doors after the loading dock that lead to the hill climb toward the bunkers - where the mortars are will not open.

Am totally stuck. Don;t know what to do. Am playing on XBox360.

Please help.


I take it the death wall is open then and that you didn’t have to talk to Claptrap again. You may have to fight that area’s enemies again, which means getting past the constructor at the minimum. Have you tried reloading the mission or better, just restarting the game and then the mission?

Thank you so much. Restarted the game and that reset everything. whew

If @Carlton_Slayer’s suggestion does not work, what play-through and level are you? I may be able to get that mission open on one of my characters if you’re really stuck.