Where Angels Fear to Tread Part 1 Fast Forward Can't Turn In Problem

I was playing through the normal play-through of Borderlands 2 with my Commando and I just finished “The Man Who Would Be Jack.” After turning in, the option to Fast Forward came up. I naively said yes and it skipped me to the Voice Security Door to the elevator leading to Control Core Angel. The problem is–however–that door is shut, I can’t activate the the voice password, and I can’t turn in the mission because Roland is downstairs. If anyone knows of a way to get around this, any information given would be much appreciated, whether it be a workaround glitch or some divine intervention. If somehow Gearbox can do anything about this, that’d be great. Weird how the fast forward option was installed for convenience but it halts the game completely. SOS. Please help.

What option? I have never heard of an option to fast forward in this game, pretty sure after “The Man who would be Jack”, your next stage is to fight up to Bunker in Thousand Cuts, then defeat Bunker to open the doors so you can say the pas-phrase

Is this some sort of mod installed to skip sections of the game? I have found it cheaper, if I don’t want to play a game, to not buy it, but that’s me.

In this game, if you have already finished a mission in someone else’s game online/co-op, once you get to said mission in your game you will be given the option to “Fast Forward” to the end of the mission to turn it in. It is not a mod, it is a feature built into the game. It might not have been in when the game first came out a few years ago–it might have been added within the past 2 years. Regardless, it is a feature ingrained in the game’s programming. Usually, I say no and play the mission anyway, but I wanted to quickly play through to get to TVHM. I only didn’t know that this feature is buggy.

Ahhh, billy no mates here has never had that.

If the entrance to Control Core Angel is open, but there yellow and black tape across it, it is no longer accessible.

If there is no tape, even with fast forward i would imagine you have to kill bunker first

The Bunker is already dead and won’t re-spawn because the game acts as if its objective is already finished. There is no tape over the door either.