Where are DLC 2 challenges?

I’m not talking about Crew Challenges, but the general challenges you can see in the Galaxy Map (like “Kill Wolvens”, “Pet the Mancubite”, “Knock on Cursehaven doors” etc.).

I can see the notifications at the corner of my screen when I complete/advance through them, but I don’t seem to be able to find them anywhere.

I was expecting to see them in the “Other” filter just like the Handsome Jackpot challenges, but nope.

Has anybody else experienced this issue?

Enemies challenges are in Enemies section. The same was with Jackpot.

It’s true that challenges about killing the Jackpot enemies are in the enemies section, but I don’t see any challanges about DLC 2 enemies there (I’m sure from the progression notifications that there’s at least one for the Bonded, one for wolvens, one for krich and one for the Frostbiters).

I’ll check once online.

Challenges for killing enemies are in Enemies section in alphabetical order.

Hey, sorry for the late reply.
I checked again and they still weren’t there, so I set the console language to English in order to take a screenshot, and they actually appeared.

Apparently they aren’t visible if the game’s set to my language (Italian), and I’m not sure about it, but this might apply to other foreign languages as well.