Where are my hundreds of vaults?

What are the news from borderlands from gearbox regarding a real follow-up for Borderlands? Let me disregard the pre-sequel in this topic. I like the story, the game is a BL2.05

Before I die I would like to enjoy the fully open world BL environment, with more quests (this is exactly the perfect game where a quest generator system would put the dot up to the i and wouldn’t need a new game ever, really). Not more classes but more choices on their skills, proficiencies to modify guns, ammo create new equipment, mod cars, create stations, repair buildings, etc.

By no means I want to play this game as an mmo. But like skyrim. Then I can die as a happy person that I played the ultimate game in my life.

I really hope not one more BL2 extension kind of game will comes because that will really lower the name of BL and we will just get silly sentimental like most of the players after half a dozen games in a franchise and start saying that actually the first two game was amazing, the rest just cannot live up to those (cough money magnet additions cough).

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The news is they just started.

Can’t wait to hear some news. :smile:

As I wrote the main post I reallized that they prob. wait for unreal engine to get upgraded properly to dx12 and then make another BL. I just really hope that it is not just a story mode game and they really change up the style of the game.

I personally now get bored to just gather and hoard weapons and play through the same story over and over. I want some more diversity in gameplay, choices that matter how my character evolves, etc. But thats just me of course. :slight_smile:

i think youl be waiting a very long time for any news of borderlands 3. we may even get a bl1 remaster first.

they apparently have only jus started bl3, id expect some sort of actual worthy news about the game in about 1-2 years earliest. imo.

You know I like the idea of the Open World Concept in line with Skyrim over an MMO like WoW.

I will be honest, I havent finished Skyrim, and I still go back and play my original character or start a new one, all these years and I still haven’t finished the main quest.

I would love to see a Bordelrands where you just roam, fast travel to other planets and go through the process on each planet to unlock the Vaults, fight Bandits and creatures on Outpost, fight soldiers and lawmen on populated worlds, and everythin in between.

And a simple crafting system like skyrim, but where you break down compenents from the Original Manufactured weapon, that would be good

And the way Skyrim does its best to level the mobs to you (to a point), so the world always feels dangerous.

I also thnk a combination of Planet of Origin, plus class could make for some really Unique characters (For Example, Axton is a DAHL Soldier, where Roland was an Atlas Soldier, thier turrets work in quite different ways), those kind of combos to creating a character would mean lots of variety.

If you add different planets, I would also add in a random start point, so you have no idea what planet you will start on, overcome the issue I have with both Borderlands and Skyrim, of the exact same story path up to a certain point.

Wow, everyone has some great ideas. I like the “parts” part of the weapons and shields. Somehow make a way to manipulate parts in order to make better or custom weapons, but not so complicated to understand. Maybe have places to farm weapons and or parts.

The diffrent planets idea is awesome. I would not want a MMO like WOW or Destiny. I want to still be able to solo the game if I choose. I really can’t wait for borderlands 3 or whatever they call it.

PreSequel is good. It’s main problem is less content than BL2.

What I’m hoping for is a possible change to the structure and options of playthroughs in BL3. Beat playthrough 1?

Ok now you can create a character at level 30, replay any story or side mission you want as many times as you want for the quest weapon at your current level,
weekly and daily bonuses on (re)playing certain missions,
repeat any arena missions,
open world mobbing and loot rooms (fight through 100 or so guys + a boss to a room with 10 decent chests,
think something like the fight to Knox Armory),
random generated missions,
some randomly generated on the fly maps,
difficulty options like normal or true or ultimate but you could play any difficulty scaled to your level,
harder difficulties would have better odds of giving you better gear,
consideration of players who want to play/try all classes to max level (6 classes * 3+ playthroughs is a lot of times to play certain missions like the welcome to sanctuary mission or the very first mission)

So, yeah I get what you’re saying, original poster. Mostly from the standpoint of someone who plays all classes to max level. Playing one class to max level and through 3 playthroughs isn’t all that tedious.

All that said I enjoy the ability to do it. It’s just that sometimes I’d rather be able to get a jumpstart because the game could acknowledge that I earned the right to start a new character at max level, or that I earned the right to skip the simple missions or certain parts of missions. How many times do I need to be shown where to buy things with eridium/moonstones? Even for borderlands veterans, with or without a save on the same system, why shouldn’t I be able to tell the game, “I’ve played borderlands games before, please don’t hold my hand this time”.


Only the Pandoracorns know their exact location. And they ain’t tellin.

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