Where are the Brothers in Arms games?

The Brothers in Arms games are what put gearbox on the map as a quality developer, why have there not been any BIA games this generation, at least remaster Road to hill 30 and Earned in Blood into one collection. That multiplayer was the most intense palm sweating experience I have ever felt in a video game. And I feel incomplete without it. Please Randy hear me out

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What do you mean with “this generation”? If you mean xone\ps4 generation, well…just wait a little bit more.
Randy gave us some hints about the future of the BiA series…
To sum it up, he says that gearbox cares about Brothers in arms, since this is the first series they developed independently (before BiA, Gearbox made only a couple of expansion packs for existing franchises such as Half-Life)
He posted a tweet teasing the fans about the 10th birthday of BiA.
Recently, He said that something is moving on about BiA. Alas, Gearbox software won’t develop the game and it will be just the publisher (this means NO John Antal and no Newmann…:cry:)
In fact, we don’t even know if it will be a “canon” sequel or one of that freakin’ugly and useless reboots -.-’’

Let’s just pray for a proper sequel…WE WANT BASTOGNE!

Honestly, I hope that an HD remaster of Rth30, EiB and HH will come this year…