Where are the decent rifles for the Commando?

I’m a newbie in Borderlands 2. I’m around the 20 hours mark of play and I still have to find a decent assault rifle for my Commando.
By ‘decent’ I mean a rifle that can string 2 (two) bullets together, in a semi-automatic short burst, and both bullets hit the same target. You know, like they used to do in the first Borderlands?

Either I find single-shot Jacobs (and I must ruin my mouse clicking on it like a primate if I want multiple bullets in short time), or very inaccurate full-automatic Dahls that grant 0% accuracy at the 2nd bullet fired already.
What happened to the semi-automatic mode of firing (the 3 bullets short-burst)? Not a single rifle I tried shoots like that in this game.

Where are the decent rifles in Borderlands 2?
20 hours and character level 15, and so far this game has given me from little to nothing to be happy about despite the pretty penny I spent on it.

If you want the burst fire rifles from BL1 (called Combat Rifles), then Dahl is the only brand that does burst fire in BL2. If all the ones you’ve found are inaccurate, that means they had a bad stock. Beside that, if you can fire in bursts manually, then Vladof would be good.

As long as you ADS (aim down sight) dahl ones should be really accurate.

My main complaint about the AR in this game is that I expected them to have somewhat real world physics and behavior, being as I’m an ex-military type. Needless to say I was extremely disappointed in how they behaved. That being said, the Hammer Buster (a legendary drop from McNally in the Dust) or a Vladof spin barrel might be a good choice. Some of the Unique quest AR’s to look for are the Hail and Kitten and perhaps the Shreddifier and Ogre as far as legendary AR’s go…

Dahl and Torgue ones are great on him (just avoid the ones with the Torgue barrel - they’re slow, can’t crit and won’t get grenade damage bonus). As far as common ARs go, I’d favor the ones with the Vladof spinning barrel. The Dahl Minigun and the Torgue Spitter are pretty good, but I also happen to like elemental Dahl Carbines for leveling up. As others have already pointed out, aiming down sights is a must for most ARs if you want accuracy. The Dahl ones will give you burst fire when you do that. Finding one with a Dahl stock also helps in keeping the shots on target. When it comes to uniques, the Scorpio is pretty good when using a Bee and while leveling up. The Shredifier is also pretty decent. The Ogre, the Hail, the KerBlaster and the Bekah are all top gear for him, but some of them are kinda hard to get.


Maybe this can help you?

There’s a beginners guide to Acton in his section but its still a work in progress. Maybe check it out.

Good Assault Rifles

Torgue Rifles
Torgue Spitters
Scorpio (with Bee)
Dahl Minigun
Damned Cowboy
Corrosive Veruc on Armor
Shredafier (with Bee)
Blasters…up till level 50 or so

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Is the damned cowboy actually decent with Acton?

I have always thought so…very decent

I guess with metal storm and all his gun damage boost you could “snipe” with it.

[quote=“Gonzo1911, post:1, topic:1285191”]I’m a newbie in Borderlands 2.[/quote]When the student is ready, the rifles will appear. :bow: