Where are the dlc campaigns?

Just finished the clap trap dlc campaign, and it was awesome…on par with Tiny Tina’s. However, from the looks of it, there is not going to be any more dlc for TPS.
Is there anything in the future, or am i going to have to wait for BL3, where it is likely not going to be in space (with its cool atmosphere and theme), have low G, Oz jet packs, lasers, and other stuff that made me like TPS? :frowning:

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That’s a good question. And since it’s going to be a long while before borderlands 3, I think they should add another DLC to TPS. Maybe even 2!


Nothing that we’ve been told about. There have been various calls for more DLC content, but so far nobody from GBX has said anything. I’ll ping @JoeKGBX to see if he has any more information.

No news as of now!


Keep us posted. There has been a call for them, so that’s something the team should consider.


There is that old saying that you should always leave 'em wanting more. Still, they should give us some more for TPS. I’d happily buy more story campaigns, even if it was relatively short stuff like the Head Hunter stuff that came out post Tiny Tina’s Assault on Dragon Keep. Though that said, I’d rather pay for another full campaign. Ellis isn’t as big as Pandora, but a moon is still a pretty big place, they could easily fill in a bit more with anything they liked.


This game has so few people playing it. So few returned for Claptastic Voyage and those that did were not here for all that long either. To create more DLC now would be spending good money after bad. They are better of to chance it by putting resources into Battleborn and to be focusing on BL3. If Battleborn does not do too well and they don’t have a compelling idea for Borderlands 3 then it is possible Gearbox could end up closing shop like a lot of other companies have. Nothing is certain, except that we are not getting any more DLC for this game EVER.

Except for death and taxes. I don’t expect there to be any more DLCs, but, like @BunBun299, I would pay for more if any came down the pipe. The only reason I stopped playing TPS was the lack of content. If there was more, I’d gladly go back and play it again because I miss my little guy who could.

So much this. I still play occasionally for the fun of it, but I’m fully intending to NOT take all six characters to max level. In fact, some of them will only move beyond completing TVHM if there is new content. And that’s not because it’s a bad game - it really isn’t. There’s just not enough story to keep it from rapidly becoming stale for me personally.

Thinking about it on the way home, and Tales from the Borderlands added some really neat characters and locations that would be marvellous to explore in a small Pre-Sequel Sequel DLC: The Scav death race arena, the Atlas science lab with the biodome, …

Just sayin’ :smile:

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They could add individuals campaigns for each VH, like Nisha hiting Lychwood, Wilhelm run for upgrades and some Athenas bounty hunting.

Or they could make a new game, something like the post pre-sequel, showing how Jack built his empire with the VHs help. From them reaching Pandora to BL2 start. Including the Fall of New Heaven, constant fights against the Crimson Raiders and stuff.

I like the Nisha one for campaign. The Wilhelm one would be good for a head hunter type thing.

I think that if they see a lot of purchases of the handsome collection and playing of TPS then they could consider at least some headhunter style pack(s). Anyhow. I hope Battleborn does well so I don’t have to worry about BL3/gearbox. I think the Homeworld stuff has been good for them too.

There are a ton of side missions though. I made a point of getting the “beat all missions with one character in one playthrough” achievement again on the xbox one. Except I missed something I think. In any case, doing all those as a method of leveling up from 50 to 70 certainly keeps things more fresh than just main missions. And for me, playing as other characters is often a freshly different experience too.

I did manage to get them all to level 70 recently. Splitscreen power leveling in some cases, but still. And the completionist in me says I’m not done yet. Now I have to get all their main missions beat if applicable, and get them all excellent gear and builds that can roflstomp the bosses. And maybe even an UVHM reset playthrough in one day marathon.

Thing is, you can’t do that if you were saving some of the mission rewards for max level. I was able to do that easily in BL2 UVHM, but it’s pretty much impossible in TPS without a reset.

You can do a reset?

Yep. If you’re in UVHM, just choose your character and you should get the option to reset your play-through. Note: you can only do this in UVHM.

I just watched a Gametrailers video on the top 10 games of 2016 that may suck and they ranked Battleborn as #1 on that list. If I was making a game I would not like to be on that list and definitely not #1. Personally I am only interested in more Borderlands and the other stuff they are working on I don’t find all that appealing or compelling.


Seriously? I wouldn’t give any weight to opinions of games that haven’t been released yet. Every game scheduled for release may suck, and some of them will, but no-one’s really going to know until the full game comes out. Or is the video’s opinion based on the “MOBA not free to play” gripe that’s been going on since before the closed technical test? (That would be an even sillier reason to claim that the game is going to suck, but whatever…)


If you watch the video it’s not talking about being free to play but rather the overall style of the game. Personally I don’t think it will fail but I also don’t think it will even come close to the success of Borderlands