Where are the Easter Eggs from BL3?

I’d say look for symbols relating to borderlands like the vault symbol

I was never good at Cult of the Vault…lol


F*** that challenge. Find 4 vault symbols in an area you don’t have to go back to ever again for 5 badass ranks? Yeah that’s not happening


LOL ikr that’d be the LAST challenge I’d ever go for, and I haven’t once considered doing so from the time I found my first vault symbol the night it came out on the midnight release, discovering the challenge, til now lol hate that challenge.

If it were to allude to BL3 I’d assume it’d be some hidden message referring to a possible plot point or a character or an image doing the same. The only strange thing i ever noticed was the gem near the 1st op point but no idea what its for I was imagining we’d get some meteorite/teddy bear style thing that would activate a secret message or something but who knows lol this game is such a mystery


I hopped on as soon as I got home and went to look where @loving-hatred said to go…

And here’s an over exposed version. Well done guys for finding it! I wonder if there are any others :thinking:



Nice! What does it say?

“PROME” THE VAULT apparently??

Assume it is supposed to be “From the Vault” but perhaps intentionally misspelled?

As I read it… but idk what that means lol unless the vault symbol stands for an A making it promethea? Maybe a new planet where the next vault will be or something

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Oh true!! That makes more sense, but the Vault symbol is to make it clear its referencing Borderlands?


“entity known as Promethea whose task it is to bring the Apocalypse”.

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And maybe that’s the clever catch to it. Its supposed to allude to BL3 right? So maybe its just a hint thats on us to interpretate on what it is. Using the symbol as a letter to make a name, but is obviously related to BL… and now leaving us riddled, making scenarios as such rn(me theorizing)

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There’s also this…Though the spell is slightly off…

I am glad my help narrowed things down for you

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Promethea, googled “battleborn promethea” and this popped up

So maybe it takes place on promethea?


Niiiice find, I didn’t even bother searching it up I just read it as I saw it but nice this really gets somewhere. A planet more dangerous than pandora? And theories of the atlas corporation returning? It kinda adds up. It only gets even more suspicious( even by coincidence) that it’s marked out in crimson red, disregarding the fact that the map is tempest where obviously the jennerit are crimson but y’know, just cookin up some theories


A friend of mine noticed the graffiti, I was the one who caught the vault symbol and realized there was significance. I’m going to message her to keep an eye out for any other oddities


Yeah please do, I’ll “try” to do some private ops with some friends to just roam the map and see if we could find anything. We’re onto something here… This map, like attikus, even has us detective-turned…

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Probably even more farfetched but staring at the photo-either my mind is playing tricks on me making me see what I want to see or its there- the o kinda looks like the 0 that appears on Zer0’s visor with the slash in it… Maybe some Zer0 origins??

On the other Jennerit maps (Outskirts, the Prologue, etc), the graffiti is also in red. I don’t think it has any significance other than to hide the fact that at a glance it just looks like more Thrall scribblings. The lighting is rather dark on that part of the map and even though I was actively looking for it, I totally missed it when I went looking the other night, and I actually knew what I was looking for :sweat_smile:

This is the only easter egg I have any idea about from my data mining, and I only stumbled on it by accident while looking for stuff for my website (I had actually forgotten all about the Easter Egg thing until I saw that). There could be more, but given the size of the map (and the size of what it could mean if Promethea is the location for BL3), I don’t reckon there will be too many in each mission as there wouldn’t be enough places to hide them!


If you see anything you think is an Easter egg or may have a connection send a message or write a post about it, if it weren’t for the vault symbol I wouldn’t have caught this at all and I may be missing a lot of things

(the whole see what you expect conundrum)

But my gut feeling is that the Easter eggs will be the small things, like this graffiti. Or perhaps posters(I haven’t noticed any yet but it may be that I wasn’t searching for them)

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