Where are the fixes?

If there were a couple of bugs in the game that didnt effect much of the gameplay i really wouldn’t care when the next patch/hotfix was released. However, right now as it stands the game is in a state thats unacceptable. The entire guardian ranks system is non functional which should be the TOP priority. All we’re heard from gearbox is the same canned response “we know about the problems” well thats great that you KNOW about them how about some updates on when we can expect those “problems” to be fixed. And please dont tell your playerbase to “wait for the next patch” thats just dismissive and honestly, we deserve a little more customer service for a game that seems to constantly be broken.


Yeah really shocked. Was expecting at least a hotfix for guardian ranks today.


Fixes and Patches have been on Thurs since it was released to the best of my knowledge.


I think we had a Tuesday once. I feel like a fix this important shouldn’t have to wait until Thursday.

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It was last Tuesday because of Thanksgiving. Agree there should be at least a statement of intent by now

So true. They give new content and MH4 ( which sux by the way) and theen make all the VHs weaker by breaking the Guardian Ranks. So need to fix them. Should have done it last week but GB is not very customer focused it seems.

I have to chuckle because I haven’t been able to play on my console in over a month because the game shuts it down all the time and the lag is absolutely horrid…but those issues have been glossed over because now the guardian ranks are screwed so PC players are starting to be affected =).

Sorry but this should NOT be the top priority, top priority should be the console issues that are making the game unplayable for us and have been unplayable for over a month.

Maybe PC players having issues will bring the console issues back to the front because we’ve been suffering almost since day 1 with unplayable lag and shutdowns.


Most people are frustrated right now because a big patch absolutely crammed full of brokeness (see the thread compiling recent issues… used to be stickied but got too embarrassingly long, so they unstickied it) got dumped on us and then they went on vacation. I’m sure everyone, consoles and pc, would like to see some results pretty soon.


I have this feeling, and I really really hope I’m wrong on this one, that the guardian rank bug won’t be fixed till next update. Wich would be with the 1st dlc I guess? I don’t think they are gonna be able to fix this with a hotfix.

Fingers crossed I’m wrong!

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Personally, I’d rather have a thoroughly tested and reliable patch, than have it rushed. Hopefully they provide an on/off function for guardian ranks, as it’s really useful to test builds atm.


There was a lot of off topic chatter - but the fact I tagged the thread complier in a response quoting a broken aspect being reported was too narrow in definition and it never got changed - certainly made me stop paying attention. We can’t even get an organized thread for bugs in these forums to begin with I’m not surprised it didn’t stay stickied.

You guys are thinking on the bug fixes, when I’m already imagining all the broken crap that’s obviously coming up with the DLC on December 19th… Yeah, I have this much faith in Gearbox right now…

Don’t blame me! This is the hill you choose to die on, Gearbox!

I’m gonna wait until the Steam release before I even decide whether the Season Pass will be worth the price they’re charging for it.

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what console are you on? I haven’t had any of those issues on Ps4. but I totally agree with you if you are having issues as you describe.

Xbox…from what I understand only the xbox is having the shutdown issue.

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I would as well, but they obviously rushed the game without any testing so I’m not sure I would hold my breathe that they will actually test any of the patches/hotfixes they release.

I haven’t personally had this issue, but I’ve heard of it before. Is it possible there is some other issue? Internet connection coupled with the lag, maybe?

For the record, the initial pin was a temporary one just so folks would see it and not keep making duplicate threads on the same topic. The temporary period simply timed out.


Fair enough… but I think having a visible, central location for people to discuss bugs is still going to keep some degree of organized discussion. The sticky was probably a good idea… people are just going to start new thread after thread and it gets fragmented.

Was that your thread? You were doing a good job keeping things organized and the discussion going… it’s a pretty big task given all the problems people are having.

That I don’t know. I do know I can play all my other games and my son plays his and my wife plays his, but as soon as BL3 is running it takes about 30 minutes before shutting down.